Painful Images Of Rohingya Refugees Who Have Fled Ethnic Cleansing

In a Post-World War II world, the vast majority of people became aware of the atrocities that took place during the Holocaust and vowed: “never again.” And yet today many people are still facing similar straits. This is what is currently taking place in Myanmar as the government attempts to ethnically cleanse the country of the Rohingya Muslim people.

Father and Son

Kevin Frayer/Rohingya Refugees/Getty Images

Although those in charge in the Buddhist majority country of Myanmar have long been known to oppress and use violence against the Rohingya people, who are predominately Muslim, it has greatly increased since mid-2017. According to various aid organizations, since August of 2017 around 615,000 people have fled the oppression into the neighboring country of Bangladesh. As is often the case with refugees they have been plagued with murder, rape, and destruction. This photograph depicts a Rohingya Muslim boy being held by his father as they arrive in Shah Porir Dwip, near Bangladesh, in October of 2017.