People Who Have Been Lost In The Wilderness And Lived To Tell Their Tales

For most of us, being stranded in the wilderness is something that we only hear about or see in movies. It’s one of those things that we never believe will happen to us. We’re too prepared, too cautious, and too smart to let anything like that happen. However, it’s never really your choice. The weather can change in an instant, or a freak accident might leave you injured. For some people, the unthinkable has happened to them, yet against all odds, they’ve come out alive. These are some of the most incredible survival stories from people who were put into a survival situation and fought tooth and nail to be able to talk about it today.

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Couples Hike Gone Wrong


Photo Credits: Daily Mail

In 2017, young couple Liang Sheng Yueh (21) and his girlfriend Liu Chen Chun (19) were hiking in Nepal when the weather suddenly took a turn for the worse. The two could no longer see where they were going and ended up falling into a ravine where they managed to find a cave. Here, they were stranded for seven weeks in which they ran out of food and water, causing Liu to eventually pass away. Liang managed to survive by sleeping most of the time and eating the snow around him and the salt that they had leftover from their food. They were discovered by a helicopter because of the vultures circling their bodies. By the end, Liang had lost 66 pounds and had maggots eating away at his right leg.