People Who Have Been Lost In The Wilderness And Lived To Tell Their Tales

The Story That Inspired The Film Jungle


Photo Credits: From the Grapevine

Accompanied by three other men, Yossi Ginsberg went into the Amazon jungle in search of an indigenous tribe. Eventually, the group split up into pairs and Ginsberg and the man he was with, named Kevin, took a raft down the river. However, the two became separated while on the river and Ginsberg ended up going over a waterfall. After surviving the fall, for 19 days he survived in the jungle. He fought off a jaguar with a jerry-rigged flamethrower, his body was eaten alive by termites and other insects, and he almost drowned in a bog. He survived by eating fruit and raw eggs and was eventually found by Kevin and a search team. Unfortunately, the other two men were never found. The recent film Jungle is based on the story of his survival.