Pets Who Have Gotten Themselves Into A Serious Pickle

Who wants a treat!?

We love to have pets around the house. They make such good companions and they’re our best friend forever. Our pets can be trustworthy and understanding, but sometimes, things don’t always go as planned. There are times when our little friends get stuck in the most random places or have their fair share of failure. As lovable as they are, let’s take a moment to appreciate our pets when they clearly got into something they didn’t expect.

Wet Dog

Wet Dog.jpg

Cats will feel your pain. Both pets don’t really enjoy taking a bath because of the water. But, once they get all soaked up with water and shampoo, it’s not so bad for our little companions. It’s worth a laugh, but honestly, though, this dog looks like a reincarnated cat.

Hamster Cult

Hamster Cult.jpg

Never underestimate hamsters. You never know what they’re up to in their cages when you’re not around. Apparently, this is what happens when you have more than one hamster. They come together to join a cult, but not long before there’s a big army and suddenly they’re ready to take over the world.

On The Fence Of Things

Stuck In The Fence.jpg

To be fair, Corgi’s are capable of doing many things, but when it comes to tiny fences, this dog breed seems to be on the fence of things.

The Corgi can easily squeeze out of the fence, but what’s ahead shortly is when a dog is literally stuck in the fence with nowhere to go.

Lamb Chop Goes To College

Sheep In College.jpg

It’s not every day do you see a sheep in a lecture hall. Well, unless your Brian Griffin, then that’s okay. At least this little lamb isn’t running away anytime soon. There’s a good chance that they’re probably eyeing down somebody’s notebook so they can chew it up before class is over.

Waiting For Their Snack

Waiting For The Door To Open.jpg

Ever pet owner knows that cats, in particular, do not like it when you close the door… especially when you go to the bathroom. This squad is waiting for their owner to emerge from the bathroom so they can get their daily dose of snacks. If there’s one thing a cat is ruled by, it’s their appetite.

No Way Out

Stuck Inside The Fence.jpg

How this dog got stuck in the fence is a mystery that not even Scooby Doo could solve. However, the dog looks like they were on a mission to find the dog bone they buried.

Getting stuck is one thing, but stuck wearing a bagel necklace is something that only this one cat knows about, coming up.

Trick For A Good Pet Photo

Trick For Good Dog Photo.jpg

Who will get the pepperoni first, the dog or the angry bird? The dog will probably eat the phone afterward. That’s a smart way to get your dog to pose for a photo. Meats work, and so will potato chips. For cats, try using catnip or a small glass of milk.

When Goats Attack

When Goats Attack.jpg

Well, we now know that goats aren’t the best house pets. It might look like the goat is attacking this girl, but they’re really just displaying their dominance. Just don’t upset the goat or else you will have it chasing you around the house. That’s why they belong on the farm.

Bagel Cat

Cat Donut Ring.jpg

The cat may need your help, but there’s no chance that they will actually accept it. This cat seems to be enjoying having the bagel around its neck. It even looks like a cool necklace as long as you’re not going gluten-free.

Cats also love to casually hang out in the most fashionable place of the house. More on that later.

I’m Stuck, Please Help

No Way Out Of Couch.jpg

Curiosity killed the cat. Once they see an opening in the couch, they will go digging for something. As soon as they get deep into the couch, they get stuck behind the cushions. It just goes to show that cats love to squeeze into tight spots without thinking of the consequences.

Let The Dog Out?

Who Let The Dog Out_.jpg

Well, look at that. Dogs are starting to act like polar bears and they’re becoming bolder by the second. That breed looks bipolar, which is half a dog and half a polar bear. This would be hilarious if their owners were dressed up as Eskimos, but it’s not winter, unfortunately.

Hanging Around

Cat In Hangers.jpg

The most fashionable place a cat can hang out. They have such an obsession with hanging out in the closest, especially coat hangers. Cats just seem to love the material of hangers.

It’s cute to see this, but just wait shortly for something epic for cats. Hint, it’s a bed that resembles Jaws.

Dog Iron Man

Dog Iron Man.jpg

Dogs will get their hands on anything that’s in their sight. Pillows, garbage, and even flashlights. This dog took it upon themselves to swallow an entire flashlight. Now, the St. Bernard looks like a canine version of Iron Man. It won’t be long before there’s a dog squad like The Avengers.

Lost And Found

Lost And Found.jpg

The pug looks like they’re lost like some kid at the checkout of the grocery store when their mom went to go grab something else. You know what though, the pug looks like they’re studying much harder than most students in school. Watch the pug get straight A’s on their midterms.

Jaws Paws

Jaws Paws.jpg

No, the cat isn’t being eaten alive, it’s a shark bed for their own kind. Could you imagine if Hollywood executives made an all cat movie called Paws? It would be pretty similar to the Steven Spielberg’s classic thriller.

Just ahead, taking pugs to the beach is probably going to become the next great idea for us all.

My Humps

My Humps.jpg

At least they tried their best, but clearly, they didn’t succeed at getting over the chair. They were probably too lazy to jump over it and assumed they could get the job done just walking over it. Sadly, this wasn’t the result they were hoping for. Better luck next time with a smaller chair, buddy.

Cat Kill Count

Cat Kill Count.jpg

Based on this list, it’s safe to say the Harley is the evilest pet out of the three, and appears to be a dog. Bruce just loves shoes and stuffed animals. Selina seems to like everything in plain sight. We’ll assume that’s Selina looking fondly at her work as the only cat in the household.

Pugs In Sand

Pugs In Sand.jpg

Taking your pugs to the beach just got better. You can put them in the sand up to their head. They look like little pug plants, kind of like Cabbage Patch Kids, but for dog lovers. Add some sunglasses to their eyes and they’ll be soaking up the sun like no tomorrow!

Getting Stuck Everywhere

Cat Is Stuck Everywhere.jpg

This cat got their hands caught in the cookie jar. They foolishly believed that the slinky would fit over their body and they could squeeze through the tree. Sadly, it wasn’t the result they were looking for. Maybe jumping on counters and on the bed would better suit them.

Hammock’s Aren’t For Dogs

Dog Cant Sit In Hammock.jpg

Pets are smarter than humans, but this dog isn’t the brightest tool in the shed. Hammocks aren’t meant for dogs for reasons shown above. Sure, the dog wanted to have their afternoon nap outside, but they will have to settle for the ground after this result.