Pets Who Just Came Back From The Vet And Have Clearly Been Through Some Things

It’s no secret that pets hate going to the vet. While this usually makes things a hassle for the owner, sometimes it makes for some pretty hilarious post-vet pictures. You won’t want to miss these animals who definitely just got back from the vet and have all the feelings about it. The cat who had to be sedated in one slide makes us all want to see the world through his eyes for a minute.

We Still See You

We don’t even want to know what this poor kitty went through to make hiding in a case of water seem like a good idea. She probably feels like she’s found the perfect spot to seek refuge. She can see her owner, but her own definitely can’t see her…in her mind at least.

One thing is for sure — she’s not doing a very good job of hiding. If she wants to hide to miss future vet appointments, she better step up her game!

If Looks Could Kill…

We don’t know what this cat went through, but judging from the angry look on his face, it couldn’t have been good. One thing is for sure — we’re glad we don’t have to be the ones to take off that cone.

This cat is clearly done playing games. She’s been extra affectionate to her owner, and made sure she doesn’t kick litter out of her litter box, and for what?! Her good behavior still landed her at the vet. Check out a dog who looks more than a little disturbed by his cone in an upcoming slide.

Hanging On For Dear Life

We don’t know what happened during this cat’s appointment, but one thing is clear — he has a future of being an action movie star. Can you imagine him dangling off the edge of a cliff with Sylvester Stallone? I think we can all agree that the cat would do “Cliffhanger” the best.

We wish we knew what this cat dad next. Did he head for the nearest cabinet to hide? Did he slip of swiftly when the vet opened the door? The cat up next is surprisingly chill.

That’s A Little Immature

This cat was clearly channeling her inner toddler after her trip to the vet. We’re not sure if this is the product of being sedated or if she had to hit that catnip extra hard to recover from the trip, but one thing’s certain — she’s pretty darn hilarious.

We’ve also got to give it to this feline for being so chill about being at the vet. In our experience, most cats who be attempting their master escape or hiding in a cabinet at this point.

Just A Little Freaked Out

We’ve seen pets dislike their cones before, but we’ve never seen one get this freaked out by it like this pup. We can’t say we blame him, though, because we’d be pretty weirded out, too if a plastic cone was locked around our necks.

While we feel a little bad for this guy, his face is downright hilarious. You’ll be out of the cone of shame soon, buddy! Keep reading to see one of the goofier pet photos in this slideshow in a slide coming up.

Well, That’s Unsettling

According to the owner of this dog, her pet’s face stayed like that for a good 20 minutes after getting home from the doctor. We don’t know what kind of meds the vet gave him, but clearly they were good. Hopefully, that face unfroze before all of that drool hit the floor!

We think this pup has a very long nap in his future. A nap cures everything right? Oh, and treats. Up next: have you ever seen an owl so confused?

Whoo You Talkin’ To?

Whatever this owl went through during his trip to the vet had to be the stuff nightmares are made of. The look on his face says it all. He’s seen some strange things and isn’t sure what to do now. Should he take a long nap? Fly away to Hogwarts and never return?

One thing is for sure — had this been the owl that delivered Harry Potter’s letter from Hogwarts, then Harry would have never tapped into his wizardry potential.

A Face Only A Mother Could Love

This pooch obviously wasn’t thrilled with his trip to the vet, but we can’t help but laugh at the face he’s making. So, who else thinks he looks like Sid from Ice Age?In this day and age, it’s not hard to be skeptical about anything and everything. Keeping your guard up is necessary for survival.

You think you know your owner and suddenly they’re taking you to the vet! If you think this is funny, wait until you see the face Cheddar the Cat makes after his appointment.

The Sack Of Shame

You know you’ve done something wrong when the vet has to stick you in the cat sack — a bag used to restrain cats who can’t quite behave. One thing is for sure though and it’s that this feline looks downright defeated. He’s done trying to paw his way out of this one and is trying to accept his fate.

Now that we think of it, maybe he isn’t defeated after all. We’re not so sure if that look on the cat’s face is one of shame or if he’s plotting his revenge.

The Cat’s Eye

Whatever this cat saw at the vet has left him looking like he belongs in a Stephen King book. He’s a cute kitty, but we’re pretty sure if we woke up during the middle of the night and saw those eyes staring back at us that we’d have a heart attack.

Those Eyes, Though

Speaking of strange eyes, there’s Cheddar the Cat. Cheddar had to be sedated during his trip to the vet, and from the looks of things, he enjoyed it way too much. Keep reading to see a cat who is clearly not amused with a gift her owner got.

We Still See You

After the vet finished up with this cat, she made a beeline to the sink to hide. We don’t know what happened there, but she’d be pretty easy to spot if the vet decided to pop in for another checkup. Sorry, Tabby, but you need to up your hide and seek game.

Good Luck Getting Him Down

Speaking of playing hide and seek, this cat’s game is on point. We can only guess what kind of trauma he endured to make hiding on top of the cabinet seem like a good idea, but it’s obvious that he needed some of the meds the other pets in this slideshow were given.

Send It Back

This cat absolutely hates going to the vet, and to say that he was less than amused to come home and find toy vet tools would be the understatement of the year. His owner would undoubtedly find those toys ripped to shreds later. Keep reading to see one of the most terrifying cats ever.

Stay Cool, Bro

Some dogs leave the vet with buttons sewed to their ears and others leave wearing sunglasses. We don’t know what his deal is, but we do know that we wish we looked half as cool as he does. On a side note, a few of the pets in this thread should get a pair of these glasses.

White Fang, The Cat Edition

As far as pets that went to the vet and have clearly been through some things goes, this cat wins the slideshow. Let’s just say that from the looks of those fangs, we’re really glad that we’re seeing this face from a computer and not in real life. In a slide coming up, you’ll see a post-vet dog that is significantly sweeter than this cat.

Living The High Life

Whatever this cat went through at the vet was probably worth it, judging from the look on his face. We’re not sure what he’s looking at, especially since one of his eyes is drifting off in the other direction, but the odds are high that double vision is happening right now.

I Don’t Wanna Be No Backseat Driver

Who signed up this dog for “Scared Straight: The Vet Edition?” We’ve seen dogs that definitely didn’t enjoy their visits to the vet in this slideshow, but this one takes being traumatized by the vet to another level. On a side note, check out that good posture.

Doggo Is Druggo

This is the look we all aspire to after going through a ruff day at the hospital. Clearly, this dog has been through some stuff, but he’s made out okay and should be able to rest extremely comfortably. Just get him home, tuck him and, and let him know he’s a good boy. And speaking of cute dogs, wait until you see the slightly high cutie in the slide coming up.

Just Take Me Home

This poor guy is still frozen in fear after his appointment with the veterinarian. From the looks of things, it’s possible that his vet told him to go on a diet, and if that’s the case, this is pretty much how we would feel, too.

That Looks Uncomfortable

We’ve seen dogs fall asleep in strange positions, but for this pooch to be sleeping with his neck like that, you know whatever he saw at the vet must have taken a lot out of him. Hopefully his owner repositions him soon, otherwise he might end up back at the vet.

Just A Little Zonked Out

We’ve seen some dogs that were clearly high in this slideshow, and then there’s this cute little guy. We’re not sure which would be more interesting to know — what happened at the vet to get him to this state or what the heck he’s seeing right now. In a slide coming up, one dog finds an interesting hiding place.

Wild Times

No, you’re not looking at a scene from “Pet Semetary” — this is just another cat who had to go to the vet, who just also happens to be slightly terrifying. Of all the pets in this slideshow, this one has clearly been through some things, and we probably don’t want to know what.

All Dolled Up

You know what’s worse than having to go through the ringer at the vet? Being forced to wear hair bows afterwards. Seriously, the last thing any pet wants after having a checkup is to get the ribbon treatment afterwards. Just give this dog her happy pills and call it a day, hmm?

We Still See You

We’ve seen pets in sinks and on top of cabinets, and now there’s this dog who has found an interesting hiding spot for his post-vet visit — under a giant stuffed giraffe. While he does blend in a little, this is still a situation of “close, but no cigar.” Keep reading to see one dog who looks all kinds of disturbed.

Just Get Off, Please

This poor dog went through some things at the vet, got hooked up with the cone of shame, and then had to come home to this cat who has no sense of boundaries. This is a solid example of how you can make a dog’s day go from bad to worse.

Hello, Drama Queen

We know that this dog has seen some things, but was it really bad enough to fake being dead? That seems a bit dramatic, but then again, there are probably a few humans who feeling like doing the same after seeing their doctors. We’ll keep this a judgment free zone for now.

Those Eyes, Though

This is the poster dog for pets who just got back from the vet who have seen some things. We don’t know what caused his eyes to bulge to that extent, but we know that we don’t want to go through it. In an upcoming slide, check out the cat that will strike the fear of god in you.

Well, That Changes Things

This cat went in for a checkup at the vet and found out that he was actually a she, and she is clearly shaken up. The other pets in this thread have definitely been through some stuff, but you can’t get any more life changing than this, so she probably wins the slideshow.

The Cold Shoulder

This dog is so upset over his trip to the vet that he’s giving his owner the cold shoulder and getting as far away from him as possible. He might be mad now, but we have the feeling that he’ll come down a little after getting bribed with some treats.

Don’t Look Directly In His Eyes

Whatever low-budget horror movie Netflix comes up with next, they need to figure out a way to work in this cat who has been through things the rest of us can’t comprehend. If you’re into the creepy kitty pictures, then you’re going to love one of the slides coming up soon.

We Still See You, Bud

There’s no telling what this dog went through to cause him to try to hide in that desk, but someone needs to let him know that he isn’t close to fitting. Just because you can’t see us, doesn’t mean we can’t see you. You have to admit, this is doggone cute, though.

He Came, He Saw, He Freaked

We can’t help but wonder if this is the cousin of Cheddar, the hilarious — and high– cat from a previous slide. He’s definitely flying high like Cheddar, but right now he seems to be in more of a paranoid state than actually enjoying his vet meds.

That’s Not A Statue

Yeah, if you wrap up your appointment to the vet being paralyzed in fear, then it’s safe to say that you’ve endured some things. Poor cat. Coming up soon is a dog who might have had a rough day, but seems to be feeling much better now.

Peekaboo, I See You

This cat is debating on whether or not it’s safe to reenter the world after the vet finished up his examination. If he does decide to exit that carrier, we’re pretty sure he’s going to flee and go into hiding for a while, and we don’t blame him a bit.

I’ll Never Let Go

Those eyes clearly show that this tabby has been through something that the rest of us probably couldn’t even handle. Luckily for her owner, her claws don’t seem to be out, otherwise he’d be in a lot of pain right now since it doesn’t seem like she plans to move out of that position anytime soon.

What Did He See?!

When you go for a checkup and all you can do is collapse in front of sacks of food later, then you know something didn’t go well. If that wasn’t telling enough, then the look on his face sure is — if he never has to see the vet again, it’ll still be too soon.

All The Nopes

When you look at a cat and half wonder whether he went to a vet or a taxidermist, that’s all you need to know that he has been through some things. Let’s just hope his face doesn’t freeze in that position, because that would be pretty scary to wake up to during the night.