Secrets Revealed By 911 Operators Will Change The Way You See Emergencies

911 operators are the unsung heroes of the world. With an estimated 650,000 emergency calls made in the U.S. each day, operators help nearly 240 million people each year. If it weren’t for their services, millions of lives would be at risk. It’s a crucial job that requires great attention to detail and the ability to keep cool during the most intense moments in someone’s life. If you thought this position just involved picking up the phone and identifying the caller’s problem, then get prepared to learn some of these secrets 911 operators have revealed. You’re in for a surprise.

The Seven Steps Of A 911 Call



There is a strict protocol 911 operators must follow when assisting someone on the phone. Upon answering the phone, the operator must go through seven main steps.

These steps include: question the caller regarding the emergency, help the caller to remain calm, record details of the call along with the information provided, and record the resources dispatched. While there are only seven basic steps involved, this is only the beginning of the responsibilities 911 operators have.