Stevie Wonder Delivers Donald Trump Zingers Like Nobody Else

Stevie Wonder doesn’t mince words when it comes to his opinions of President-elect Donald Trump. He actively supported Hillary Clinton in her bid for President, and he recently offered the following analogy:

“If you had an emergency situation and needed to go to the hospital, and you had to get there right away, would you want me driving your car?” he asked. Of course, the reporter replied: “No. You wouldn’t be on top of my list.” So, Wonder continued, “Exactly. Because I’m not an experienced driver, right?”

Stevie Wonder Delivers Donald Trump Zingers Like Nobody Else

Wonder has long thrown his hat into the Hillary Clinton ring, with her “I’m with her slogan.” It’s not only because he agrees with her policies and has seen her as a more experienced and well-balanced candidate either. To him, she had long since proven that she was by far the better person. As he explains it: “her parents taught her in a kinder way, to have respect and love for all people. That’s the person I want to govern, to be the leader of this nation.”

Blind Like Me?

Only Stevie Wonder could deliver a zinger like that, though. To compare Trump’s governing skills with his own blindness takes us to a whole new level of insult. But, that witty statement also gives all pause to think. Wonder lost his eyesight shortly after birth, and he’s been blind for 66 years now. Would you really want him to drive you, even (and especially) in case of emergency?

Wonder’s comments about blindness are also analogous with John Howard Griffin’s infamous Black Like Me memoir. Just as Griffin disguised himself as a black man to investigate racial inequality in the Deep South, we’re inspired by Wonder to see Trump for the man he really is (and always has been). Compared to Hillary Clinton’s “30 years,” how does Trump compare?

You’re Fired, Really?

Yes, Trump supporters like to say that he has all those years of business experience, and that he’s hosted his very-own reality TV show: The Apprentice. Trump did so love to say, “You’re fired!” (Oh, hey wait, didn’t he get fired from the show too?)

Yes, Trump is a master of balderdash, but Stevie Wonder challenges us to continue to ask whether this man is really our best choice. Even as the time for voting is now past (at least most would say so), and Trump has now been dubbed the “First True Reality TV President,” the time for using your voice (as Wonder has done over the last few months) is just beginning.

“This is not a reality show. This is life in reality,” Stevie Wonder says. “So I’m with her because I believe in where we are, and where we are going to go. I have always believed that America is great. We’re just going to make it greater.”

Stevie Wonder, "So I’m with her..."

And, then, you get to experience the remix of Stevie Wonder’s “You Haven’t Done Nothin” — it’s the Election 2016 version, produced by R. Ray Barnes and Tony Coleman (now been released on the Hidden Beach YouTube channel). The song starts off with “We are amazed but not amused…” and goes on from there. You’ll want to take a listen. What do you think?