The Amazing Reason This Man Buried 42 School Buses Underground

One of the world’s best-hidden secrets lies just outside a major city in Canada, but most people don’t even know about it. That’s because it’s buried deep under the ground, put there by a man with a vision of the future unlike anything you’ve ever heard. We’re about to meet this man and find out why he’s spent his life doing something that most of us would deem pointless at best, and crazy at worst.

A Hidden Secret Below The Earth’s Surface

In a rural part of Canada, something completely unexpected lies beneath the snow-covered earth. Hardly anyone knows about it and even fewer have seen it, but local authorities are nevertheless trying to stop its creator from continuing his bizarre obsession.

You see, an 83-year old man named Bruce Beach, motivated by sheer fear, has been burying school buses in order to construct an elaborate underground system of mazes. He just recently decided to share his epic creation and the compelling reason behind it.