Greatest Historical Discoveries Of All Time

It’s no secret that some of the most important keys to our past are buried under the dirt, or hidden in a room somewhere waiting to be found. Sometimes these discoveries lead to more questions. Who built the pyramids? How do we get in the hidden room? Other times, we’re provided with incredible answers that open our eyes about where we came from and where we might be going. These are the greatest discoveries humans have ever made. Spoiler alert; we’ve made some big ones!

The Stone Spheres Of Costa Rica

In Costa Rica, there are giant spherical stones hidden away deep in the jungle. The stones, named Diquis Spheres, are a mystery to archaeologists today. The builders, the Chibchan people, were decimated during the Spanish conquest, leaving the spheres as their gift to the earth.


While experts are baffled by the purposes of the Diquis Spheres, visitors believe they were used either for astronomical or navigation purposes. The truth is that no one really knows, and because there are no ancestors of the creators around today, we may never find out.