These Uber Horror Stories Will Make You Never Want To Share A Ride Again

Since Uber launched its mobile app in 2011, the rideshare company has taken the world by storm, offering transportation services in over 600 cities across the globe. While most people rave about its affordability, convenience, and overall superiority compared to other rideshare programs and cab companies, Uber isn’t perfect. Not everyone who shares a ride receives five-star treatment. From creepy advances to full-blown assaults, the nightmare tales below are so awful that zero stars wouldn’t do them justice.

Paging Doctor Psycho

A 30-year-old Miami doctor went postal on an Uber driver after he kicked her out of his car. Anjali Ramkissoon was hammered and looking for a ride back from the bar when she tried to take an Uber that had already been ordered by someone else. When the driver kicked her out, she became violent, smacking him and kneeing him in the groin. When the driver went to call the cops, the belligerent doctor entered the vehicle and dumped the contents of the glove box onto the street. Needless to say, the resident neurologist was unemployed when Monday morning rolled around.