These Uber Horror Stories Will Make You Never Want To Share A Ride Again

Since Uber launched its mobile app in 2011, the rideshare company has taken the world by storm, offering transportation services in over 600 cities across the globe. While most people rave about its affordability, convenience, and overall superiority compared to other rideshare programs and cab companies, Uber isn’t perfect. Not everyone who shares a ride receives five-star treatment. From creepy advances to full-blown assaults, the nightmare tales below are so awful that zero stars wouldn’t do them justice.

Paging Doctor Psycho

A 30-year-old Miami doctor went postal on an Uber driver after he kicked her out of his car. Anjali Ramkissoon was hammered and looking for a ride back from the bar when she tried to take an Uber that had already been ordered by someone else. When the driver kicked her out, she became violent, smacking him and kneeing him in the groin. When the driver went to call the cops, the belligerent doctor entered the vehicle and dumped the contents of the glove box onto the street. Needless to say, the resident neurologist was unemployed when Monday morning rolled around.

Not Drunk Enough, Apparently


Taco Bell executive Benjamin Golden got into an Uber in 2015. He was drunk and forgot to enter his destination. Moreover, he didn’t buckle his seatbelt, so when the drive began, Benjamin was flopping around in the backseat. When his driver finally pulled over and asked him to get out, Benjamin became aggressive, striking the driver several times. In self-defense, the driver, Edward Caban, pepper sprayed his assailant in the face. The video of the attack went viral and Golden was fired by Taco Bell.

What Background Check?

In 2014, an Uber driver named Syed Muzaffar killed a six-year-old girl in San Francisco while driving. Uber washed its hands of any responsibility, saying it had nothing to do with the incident because the driver wasn’t logged in on the app when the accident occurred. Okay, but how about the part where Uber ran a background check on Muzaffer and missed a prior reckless driving conviction that would have rendered him ineligible? What makes matters worse is Uber actually gives these people access to user information. You can read more about that in a bit.

Hammer Time

A few years back, a passenger was attacked by his driver with a hammer. Patrick Karajah hit the 35-year-old Roberto Chicas just above the eyes with the blunt object, fracturing the socket. Chicas was hospitalized for three days, and doctors feared he might lose the ability to see out of that eye. The victim would also require reconstructive surgery following the assault. Karajah was charged with felony assault and battery. Uber refunded the ride which wasn’t much of a consolation prize for a man who could have easily died from the brutal and unwarranted assault.

High-Speed Chase

Ryan Simonetti and a couple friends hopped into an Uber in Washington with a driver who was being tailed by a taxi inspector. The driver brushed it off at first but later began driving recklessly to shake his shadow. First, he ran a red light. Then, he got on the highway where he sped up well beyond the speed limit while weaving in and out of cars. Simonetti asked to be let off but the driver refused. The driver finally pulled over and let his customers go before fleeing the state.Apparently, taxi inspectors are among the most feared public officials in Washington. Wow!

So Much For Privacy

Uber claims they protect the users’ privacy, but several reports have made it clear that this is not the case. Uber clients have, on several occasions, been contacted by drivers who somehow had their first and last name, as well as their phone numbers. In the above situation, the user was subjected to a romantic advance from a driver she had met for the first time days earlier. In this case, the driver seems harmless. If there’s anything this list teaches, it’s that Uber rides can turn really bad, really fast. At least this guy waited until after the ride and was very respectful. One guy coming up wasn’t at all friendly with his advances.

Driver Fondles Passenger

An Uber customer filed a lawsuit against the company in 2014 after an alleged “fondling” by one of its drivers. Apparently, the Chicago woman moved to the front seat because the driver was lost. During the ride, the driver made several inappropriate remarks before attempting to grab the woman’s legs, breasts, and groin. The assault was so bad and so disgusting that the victim threatened to call the cops. The driver kicked her out of the car and Uber would later fire the driver because of their actions. Remember, it’s ALWAYS okay to immediately call the police when these type of illegal advances occur.

The Nightmare Is The Reality

A Philly Uber driver named Corey Robinson was hired by a Bronx man to drive him deeper into New York City. When Corey became sleepy, he thought it would be safer to ask his passenger Juan Carlos to take over instead of risking falling asleep at the wheel. Big mistake. When Robinson woke up, Carlos was flying down the freeway tailed by a convoy of police cruisers. What exactly the man did we don’t know, but clearly, that’s not what you’d want to wake up to. The chase ended when the passenger-turned driver crashed the vehicle, totaling it.

No Cash, Just You

A 44-year-old Chicago Uber driver was charged with three counts of unlawful restraint after he locked a 19-year-old girl in his car and demanded sex. The woman was having issues with the app and her ride log was somehow deleted. She offered to pay cash, but the driver, Muhammad Fahim, wanted sex in exchange. Fahim locked all the doors and continued driving. When he slowed down, the woman unlocked the door and jumped out of the vehicle. Uber is apparently a vehicle for desperate men to prey on women of all ages. Keep reading to see what I mean.

Hope You Don’t Mind

Aner Manuel took the Uber ride from hell when he was picked up by a driver who apparently had a prostitute in the passenger seat. Manuel first checked to see if he had accidentally selected Uber pool. Even after he confirmed that he hadn’t, Manuel got into the vehicle. The woman started kissing the driver. She unbuckled his pants and eventually went down on him. That’s not even the worst part. When Manuel finally requested to be let out, the driver apologized and asked him to leave a good star rating. Sadly, this isn’t the strangest thing to happen in an Uber and it probably won’t be the last time it happens.

Burping Is Not Allowed

Seth Bender burped when he got into his Uber and excused himself, but the driver wasn’t having it. He went on a rant about how rude Americans can be, making several anti-gay comments in the process. Bender and his friend asked to stop the ride and got out. The driver got out as well. That’s when he apparently walked over to Bender spat in his face and slapped him. Thankfully, things didn’t escalate further, and Uber deactivated the driver after learning about the incident. With so many drivers there are definitely a few bad apples who lose their driving privileges when people come forward.

Elderly Abuse And The Uber App

A senior citizen called for an Uber and her driver, Wilson Brea, came to pick her up with the intent of doing her harm. Brea entered the elderly ladies home after asking if he could use the bathroom. Once inside, he snatched her purse, a bag of prescription drugs, and then shoved his victim on the way out. Brea was arrested and charged with the robbery. As part of his punishment, he was banned from driving in the state of Massachusetts. Where do they find these guys? Just wait until you read what the driver coming up did to his passenger.

Kidnapping? No, Just An Inefficient Route

This is a new one. A woman ordered an Uber in 2014 that she hoped would take her to a party. The driver brought her around the city on a ride that lasted well over two hours. They finally reached an abandoned parking lot where the passenger tried to exit the vehicle, but the doors were locked. The driver only agreed to unlock her door when the woman began to scream. In response, Uber apologized for the misunderstanding, saying the driver took an “inefficient route” and partially reimbursed her for the ride. This is when you delete Uber and start using the Lyft app.

Another Background Check Comes Up Short

Uber driver Daveea Whitmire was charged with misdemeanor battery after he assaulted one of his passengers. For whatever reason, he told his customer to exit his vehicle. When the person tried to take a picture of his car, Daveea tried to punch the phone out of his hand and elbowed his victim in the chest. As it turns out, Daveea had a history of drug charges that the company missed during his background check. It’s amazing to think what must go on in the background check process at Uber to allow these crazy drivers to slip through the cracks.

Don’t Disrespect My Car

A customer approached Uber driver Jacob Allemon’s car and tapped on the windshield to notify him that he was about to enter the vehicle. Allemon tried to kick his passenger out for disrespecting his car. The person didn’t want to get out of the car because of stormy weather that day. After an argument, a fight ensued. Allemon pulled a knife and stabbed his victim multiple times in the chest, back, and face before he was finally disarmed. I wonder if he may have been drunk. The guy coming up certainly was.

Can’t Judge A Book By Its Cover

Just a couple months back, an Uber driver picked up two young girls late on a Friday night. They didn’t say much during the ride and were apparently very polite throughout the entire process. When the driver let them off, he noticed the back seat had been cut up by a knife. When he reviewed his Dashcam footage, the driver learned the two girls were making gun gestures towards him during the ride. The girls ended up paying to replace the seat they ruined and they were banned from using the Uber app for the rest of their lives.

Dumped In The Middle Of Nowhere

Two females got into an Uber after a night out at a club. The driver got lost, detoured several times around the city, and charged the two women extra for his mistakes. When one of the girls requested to be let out, the driver turned violent and grabbed her arm while spouting off about how they were no longer his responsibility. The trip was canceled and the driver ditched them in the middle nowhere. Not exactly the five-star treatment you’d hope for but things have ended up worse for some people, like that time an uber drive decided to hit the bottle before getting behind the wheel. Check out his incredibly stupid move next.

When Uber Drivers Drink And Drive

In 2016, Katie Gallion got into an Uber with a driver who was drunk. She didn’t realize what state he was in at first but she became aware of his inebriation when the Uber employee began swerving all over the road. Eventually, Katie requested to be let out. The driver pulled over and let her go on her way. Katie quickly called the police and the driver was arrested after blowing .04 over the legal limit. Clearly, having a sound mind is important when you’re charged with driving people around town. We saved the craziest for last, so keep reading.

Gun-Flaunting, Uber-Driving Lunatic

If there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that you should respect the vehicle of your driver. Junior Justin became enraged when one of his customers slammed his car door. Justin got out and followed them to their destination where he confronted the four men he dropped off. In the midsts of the argument, the Uber driver raised his shirt and revealed a pistol. He added that they would be “sorry” if they ever ran into him again. Luckily, things didn’t escalate any further. Naturally, Uber disabled their gun-toating driver’s account and here’s to hoping they never jumped over to Lyft!

A Fiery Mess

This particular incident actually claimed the life of a 35-year-old. An Uber driver was driving recklessly when she, accompanied by her passenger, ran another car off the road and into a tree. The Uber driver was sent barreling into a gas station where she hit a pump, turning the scene into a fiery mess. The two people in the Uber survived. The person in the other vehicle did not. It’s sad to see that even when it comes to finding a safe way to commute around town, things can still take a turn for the absolute worst. Uber’s app does rate a drivers acceleration and braking skills but it doesn’t have an impact on their right to keep driving people around, sadly.