Things That Were Hidden In Plain Sight Just To Mess With Our Minds

Anytime you see something that’s out of the ordinary, you’ll have to rub your eyes to make sure what you’re really seeing. Once you see it, you’ll start asking yourself “How did this even happen?”

These things are hidden in plain sight but will take a few extra seconds of staring and even a double-take to figure them out. There’s a really good chance that what you’re about to see will mess with your mind a little bit.

Waldo Is Easier To Find

Seriously, where is the phone? Can you spot it anywhere? Man oh man, this is much worse than trying to find Waldo when you’re sober. You know what? This would be better to find after a few beers because strange things happen when you consume alcohol with your friends.


If you’re still puzzled, it’s sitting on the ground next to the front right table leg. You’re welcome.