Grieving Wife Finds Out The Truth After 23 Years

Linda Iseler and Richard Hoagland had a picture-perfect marriage from the outside. That is, until 1993 when Richard mysteriously disappeared and was never seen again. Linda and her two sons were left with no money and no hope. The police subsequently eyed Linda with suspicion, her family was followed, and she was forced to raise her sons alone.

Linda and the family lived in distress until a fateful day 23 years later when the mystery was finally solved. Read about the tragic and shocking story about Richard Iseler’s disappearance.

They Were A Normal Family Until The Week Before His Disappearance

Linda and Richard seemed happy and normal. The pair lived in Indianapolis, Indiana where Linda gave birth to their two sons, Matthew and Douglas. The couple argued occasionally over topics like money and the children, but it was never anything serious.

ABC News/YouTube
ABC News/YouTube

Everything changed when Matthew turned nine and Douglas turned six. A family secret came out and only one person knew the truth about it. It turned out that Richard Hoagland was hiding something very important.