What We Thought This Decade Would Be Like Vs. Reality

Remember when the entire electricity grid was supposed to shut down because of Y2K? Yeah, none of that scary stuff happened when the clock struck midnight and we were launched into the year 2000. It turns out, our society as a whole is pretty bad at predicting what this decade is actually going to be like. Remember, The Jetsons took place in 2062 – a mere 44 years from today and their idea of the future is still pretty laughable (though, Teflon fabrics have made their way into haute couture).

These predictions from the future were hilariously incorrect. Sorry, tech nerds – the only hoverboards we’ve got in 2018 are the ones that can’t keep their batteries from exploding and remain firmly planted on the ground. Check out some other things we thought the future would bring…and what it really brought.

Y2K Would Catastrophically Destroy Modern Society


Y2K is one of the most obviously laughable doomsday predictions in recent times. In 1998, an issue of BYTE magazine claimed that “[Y2K] is a crisis without precedent in human history.” Nah, man. The lights didn’t even flicker. That prediction was 20 years ago. In 2018, we are decidedly not recovering from the monumental disaster that was Y2K (though our parents probably remember their monumental hangovers).