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This week got off to a big start, with massive world-wide protests against the presidency of Donald Trump. Saturday’s Women’s March brought out millions of feminists, unified against the new administration’s misogynistic positions, in record-setting numbers. Read all about the march here.


There are a lot of clever people out there putting their First Amendment rights to good use these days. In recognition of their innovative and patriotic ways, Trend-Chaser tracked down some of the best (and worst!) signs from recent American protest movements.

Out For Food

January is almost over. Have you already dumped your New Years resolution to lose weight? If so, don’t fret! These celebs opened up about their real weights and some of them might just make you feel a little better about your own body issues. Warning: some of them might do exactly the opposite.

Bonus: if you dropped your fitness resolutions AND want to include more travel in 2017, then have we got a story for you. This informative piece will tell you where the Kardashian clan likes to eat when they’re jetting across the globe. YOLO, so make it a point to try every indulgent restaurant on Kim and Co’s travel itinerary.


Here at Trend-Chaser, we’ve decided to follow the British Royal Family more closely this year (I mean, have you seen The Crown?). You could call it a Royal Resolution, and we covered three big stories on the royal family this week.

First, the inevitable: the Queen is 90 years old now, and no one lives forever. Here’s a look at what will happen when Elizabeth II passes on and leaves the throne once and for all after 65+ years as Britain’s ruler.

And we took a fond look back at the life of the People’s Princess, Diana of Wales. From her early days to her tragic death, you can see the most remarkable Princess Diana moments right here.

Finally, you can’t discuss the Royals without mentioning the one and only Duchess of Cambridge. Kate Middleton was not born to royalty but she has certainly risen to the occasion. Kate’s style evolution is one of the greatest fashion stories in history.


Another common New Years resolution is to work on boosting self esteem. Here are two trending articles that just might help you with that one. Check out these giant celeb fashion disasters and you’re sure to feel a little better about yourself (or maybe worse, for laughing at others’ misfortune). Either way, you’ll have a nice healthy chuckle. And this list of actors who just can’t seem to score an Oscar no matter what they do might make all your life goals seem a lot more attainable.

Thin Long Hair Men

Career change in the stars for 2017? You might be hoping so! Shocker: these television actors and actresses all wanted new jobs, too! Presenting a list of TV stars who absolutely hated the shows that brought them fame and fortune. Awww, don’t you feel bad for them? (No.)


Speaking of resolutions, if you’re aiming to broaden your mind by watching less television and reading more books this year, we have some awesome recommendations!

Are you a fan of Stranger Things? Can’t get enough of that creepy, sci-fi vibe? Then you might love these books, which range from Stephen King classics to newer authors you might not be familiar with yet.

If you’re more of an Orange is the New Black fan, then this reading list might be right up your alley. From real-life accounts to gripping fiction, these stories about imprisonment are sure to satisfy even the most die-hard Piper fans.

We also compiled a list of odd and little-known facts about some kiddie lit authors. Did you know that Shel Silverstein once worked for Playboy magazine?! It’s true. More revealing secrets about your favorite children’s authors right here.

Lotus Pose

And finally, there are some simple daily things you can do to ensure that 2017 is a great one. The year might be off to an uneasy start, but we can handle anything that comes our way! Presenting: Tips Too Good To Miss: Make 2017 The Best Year Yet.