When Hoarding Goes Way Too Far: The Story Of Trust Fund Hoarder Kevin McCrary

Hoarding is a complicated, life-ruining disease – one that isn’t fixed with a round of medication and some Lysol. It costs people their loved ones and their social lives, but in the case of Kevin McCrary, it also cost him his home. This is the story of the hoarding son of a famed radio and TV personality. From a son of privilege to a person drowning in stuff: how did McCrary’s disorder spiral so out of control?

Kevin McCrary’s Small Apartment


McCrary doesn’t live in a large place, so clutter is a fact of life. Still, McCrary was drowning alive in his railroad-style, one-bedroom on New York’s East 65th Street. The floor was littered with old electrical appliances, stereos, books, games, TVs and stacked furniture. It’s lined floor-to-ceiling with stuff.