Solving These Brain Teasers Will Prove You’re Super Smart

Are you the smartest person you know? Want to prove it? There are thousands of worthy brain teasers on the internet but only a handful that you can solve without printing out the puzzle and using a pencil and a piece of paper to reach the answer. We scoured the internet and uncovered some of the most viral brain teasers that have fooled a lot of very smart people.

We are challenging you to look at each puzzle and solve them before revealing the answer in the next slide. Want to really test yourself? Set a 2-minute time limit for each brain teaser. Share your results with friends and see who has the best problem-solving skills among your group.

The World’s Hardest Word Search?

Set your timer and try to solve this puzzle in under two minutes. All you have to do is find the one instance of the word “DOG.” In theory, this should be one of the easiest word searches of all time. In reality, many people have claimed to take more than five minutes to find the hidden word. We passed this around our office and a few of our co-workers decided to abandon the search… because they had work to do and this was doing nobody any good.