Alien Encounters That Will Make You Wonder…

Encounters of the third kind, UFO sightings — whatever the case may be, many people out there truly believe that there are civilizations other than our own here on Earth. And with the recently declassified footage of strange objects in the sky, the speculation that alien life exists has only grown stronger!

Take these stories with a grain of salt, but what you’re about to read may or may not make you believe.

Life On Mars

In recent years, scientists have proven that life on Mars is definitely possible with the discovery of water and other circumstantial evidence. But some of the earliest studies of these possibilities date as far back as 1900, when in December of that year, scientists believe that Mars was trying to make contact with us! Scientists at the Lowell Observatory in Arizona discovered a beam of light that was coming from Mars and believed Martians were trying to contact us.

Inventor Nikola Tesla even vouched for them, saying that the light proved there was life on Mars. Tesla dedicated much of his life to this study as he believed communication with Martians was a definite possibility.

What To Look Out For


M. Edmond Perrier, who was the director of the French Botanical Society, had theories about what these Martians looked like. His speculations were published by a newspaper in 1912, that cited Mars’s lack of gravity as a factor into how life on Mars works. Because of this Martians would be extremely tall.

With large ears and noses, Martians would also have large blue eyes and white hair. Perrier must have thought that gravity was a major factor in Martian growth and development because he also believed that they would have thin legs and small feet, but no necks or waists.

The Roswell Incident

America’s most infamous “alien encounter” happened in July 1947, when a local rancher a few miles north of Roswell, New Mexico found random metal scraps on his property. Believing that the metal was from a UFO, the rancher told local authorities. The next day, the Roswell Army Air Field released a report that the materials found were from a weather balloon that had crashed during a storm.

However, many conspiracy theorists believe that it was a cover-up for something bigger. Although the myth that it was a UFO was debunked, when the National Enquirer picked up the story but didn’t publish the truth, many people believed that aliens had to do with the incident.

Aliens in Australia


Americans aren’t the only ones who believe aliens might be out there. In January 1954, Australian authorities received many reports of UFO sightings in the sky. Many people became involved in these sightings, even prompting Chief of Information of the American Aeronautics Branch, Donald Keyhoe, to declare, “I believe space ships are the only answer. The earth has been under periodic observation from another planet for at least two centuries.”

Keyhoe has further elaborated saying that, “astronomers are largely in agreement that only one member of the solar system besides earth is capable of supporting life, and that is Mars.”

Aliens Visit France

1954 must have been a pretty productive year for these supposed aliens because the same year that there were multiple UFO sightings in Australia, one French farmer claims to have had personal contact with them. Aime Bousard apparently told authorities, “Suddenly I was blown from one side of the road to the other and stayed there without being able to shout or call for help.”

A creature with lights coming out of either side of its head looked at him and suddenly vanished after its lights went out. Once Bousard regained use of his body, it ached. Police found that the surrounding earth had been disturbed, but there were no strange footprints.

The Case Of The Hills

In September 1961, Betty and Barney Hill were driving along a New Hampshire highway when they noticed a cigar-shaped aircraft in the sky. Thinking it was just an airplane, they continued to drive until they noticed that it was flying directly at them. When Barney started to drive away, the next thing they know they were 35 miles ahead of where they were and two hours had somehow passed by.

They couldn’t explain what had happened but suffered from physical and mental disorders afterward until finally, they were able to recount what happened through time-regression hypnosis. Their story became highly publicized as they recounted how they were abducted by aliens, further affirming the suspicion that they are trying to make contact with the human race.

Leroy Chiao And The Lights

In 2005, astronaut Leroy Chiao was actually in space when he claimed to have seen something peculiar. He was heading the International Space Station at the time and was conducting a spacewalk with fellow cosmonaut Salizhan Sharipov to install navigation antennas. Chiao told The Huffington Post, “I saw some lights that seemed to be in a line and it was almost like an upside-down check mark, and I saw them fly by and thought it was awfully strange.”

While Chiao doubts that he saw something extraterrestrial, he has also said, “I’m skeptical of claims that we’ve been visited by aliens from another planet… but I don’t rule it out 100 percent. I have an open mind and I do believe there’s other life in the universe.” Sharipov didn’t see the light because apparently, he was facing the other way.

The Case Of Lonnie Zamora


In 1964 policeman Lonnie Zamora was in the middle of a car chase when he noticed a bluish, orange flame in the distance, accompanied by a loud roar. Thinking that a dynamite shack that was in that area had exploded, he ditched the car chase to go assess the explosion. As he came to the site of the incident, he noticed a metal object that was the size of a car, amid the flames. He thought it was an overturned vehicle but noticed as he got closer that the vessel had no doors or windows.

He also claimed to have witnessed two child-like figures around the vessel and quickly contacted authorities for backup. The incident became highly publicized and even the Air Force got involved. No one could confirm what may have happened and Zamora became so fed up with being questioned, that he tried to avoid ufologists and the Air Force by taking up another job at a gas station.

Lights In The Rendlesham Forest


In what is known as “Britain’s Roswell,” the Rendlesham Forest in Suffolk, England experienced its own possible UFO sightings. In December 1980, a security officer who was patrolling the RAF Woodbridge, which at the time was being used by the U.S. Air Force, noticed strange lights descending into the Rendlesham Forest at around 3:00 AM. The lights were attributed to a “glowing object, metallic in appearance, with colored lights.”

Authorities investigated the scene for the next few days and discovered high levels of radioactivity. While the found evidence was inconclusive, the events of those nights were never fully explained, leading many to believe that it was the result of extraterrestrial activity.

Declassified Footage Has Believers More Confident Than Ever

ufo video released by pentagon
United States Department Of Justice
United States Department Of Justice

In 2020, the United States Department of Justice declassified video footage of what it calls unidentified flying objects. The images from the video shows circular objects flying above the cloud line that has left believers stunned.

Could this be proof that alien life exists. Furthermore, does this mean that it is possible to create ships that are capable of interstellar travel? So far, the United States is keeping quiet about those possibilities while allowing the video footage to speak for itself.

The Case Of Travis Walton


In November 1975, a logger from Arizona made headlines when he was allegedly abducted by a UFO in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest. Travis Walton was working with his lumbering crew when they encountered a saucer-like object hovering above the ground close to them. Walton got out of the truck and approached the object, but was knocked to the ground when a light appeared from it.

The other crew members drove away out of fright. Walton claims to have woken up in a hospital-like room and was examined by strange creatures. That’s the only thing he recalled after blacking out, then waking up along the highway with the saucer flying away from him.

Channeling Through Art


British artist Lloyd Canning came forward in 2014, claiming that he had previously been abducted by aliens and that they were trying to communicate with us through his art. He claims to have been visited six times and that he gets visions that he claims the creatures communicate through his art.

He told Mirror, “When the visions are coming on it feels like a load of anxiety, building up and up, sometimes for days. Then all of a sudden I will have a clear image in my mind that I just have to paint. Ever since that first sighting, I have had these crazy visions that just come over me. When they happen it’s like I don’t have a choice – I just have to paint them. It’s something that I think I have to tell people about, I think I was chosen because I was an artist, and they know they could channel through me.”

The Brazillian Encounter


In October 1957, a Brazilian farmer named Antônio Vilas Boas claimed to have been abducted by aliens. As the story goes, he was working out in the fields when an egg-like vessel came towards him. Humanoid creatures appeared from it and dragged Boas into the craft. They stripped him and took blood samples.

He then claims that he had a certain type of encounter with a female humanoid who, after the deed was done, rubbed her belly and pointed up, suggesting to Boas that she would raise their child in space. He says he felt used by the humanoids and once they were done with him, they released him and he found that four hours had passed. Many people believe Boas’s story was outrageous, but he stood by it his entire life.

The Case Of Betty Andreasson

Massachusetts resident Betty Andreasson claimed that in 1967, her whole family was affected by an alien abduction. According to her, the lights in her house flickered on and off before a red light flashed through the kitchen window. Suddenly, five strange beings entered her house and put her entire family in a trance-like state. They took Betty to their spacecraft where they performed a series of exams on her, before returning her to her home.

She claims to have been hypnotized by the aliens to not be able to recall the events that transpired. In order to investigate her case, she was put through two lie detector tests and aggressive hypnosis sessions. The case is still being investigated to this day.

The Dreamy Draw Cover Up


There must be something about the desert in the American southwest that attracts extraterrestrials. In 1947, there is a legend that a UFO crashed in a valley around Phoenix, Arizona. There are many versions of the story, but the gist of it is that a UFO crashed in the Cave Creek or Paradise Valley area of Phoenix.

Other versions extend the rumor to say that alien life forms perished on the ship and their bodies were taken away by the government. To cover up the crash, the government built the Dreamy Draw Dam to cover up the UFO crash site.

The Phoenix Lights

Fifty years later, another strange occurrence would happen in Phoenix. In what was known as the Phoenix Lights or Lights Over Phoenix, thousands of people claimed to have seen mysterious light formations in the Arizona sky for two hours one night in March 1997. Many witnesses―including Arizona’s governor at the time―claim to have seen lights in a V-shaped formation emitted from a dark moving object in the sky.

Stars behind it would disappear and reappear as it passed by. Despite claims from thousands of people that they have just witnessed a UFO, the Air Force brushed it off saying that the lights were just from planes doing flight exercises.

Project Blue Book

With the copious amounts of UFO sightings and claims to alien abductions that were happening, the government had to do something to keep track. In 1952, the U.S. Air Force initiated Project Blue Book to study unidentified flying objects. The project had two objectives: to determine if UFOs were a threat to national security and to scientifically analyze UFO-related data.

While thousands of reports were collected and studied, the project was ultimately terminated in December 1969. The studies found that in general, UFO sightings were a result of mass hysteria, hoaxes created for publicity, psychopathological people, and misidentification of conventional objects.

Alien Encounter in Scotland

Also in 1954, a British writer named Cedric Allingham was on vacation in Scotland. While birdwatching, he claimed to have encountered a flying saucer, out of which a strange man appeared. The two communicated through sign language and telepathy and Allingham learned that interplanetary travel was possible and very common among Martians.

The Martian also communicated to Allingham that “the canal-like lines on mars seen by astronomers were canals to irrigate the planet with water from its polar snows.” Of course, it wasn’t until 30 years later that the entire story was revealed to be a hoax and that Allingham wasn’t even a real person. But his account was taken to heart and added to the extensive list of alien encounters that are out there.

Speaking Of Canals…

When astronomers first found evidence of canal-like lines on Mars, they took it as proof that there was intelligent life on that planet. The assumption was further confirmed by the fact that in 1912, the canals reportedly doubled in width over just a matter of weeks. However, many astronomers later found out with better technology that the lines on Mars didn’t actually exist.

In 1877, Italian astronomer Giovanni Schiaparelli first observed these lines on Mars and labeled them “canali,” which translated to canals in English. Other astronomers ran with the idea, but modern-day studies cite the misunderstanding as a “linguistic fluke.”


Today, there are still numerous claims to UFO sightings across the country. The Mutual UFO Network is a non-profit organization that investigates alleged UFO sightings. With 3,000 members and chapters in every state, MUFON has investigators that undergo specialized training administered by the organization.

Their mission is to benefit humanity through “investigations, research, and education,” but they have been criticized for focusing on “pseudoscience” and for failure to use the scientific method in their investigations. In any case, there is a whole network of people who believe that UFOs are real and that extraterrestrial creatures may have been trying to contact the human race. If you are a believer, you are not alone.

Aliens Find Themselves in Kentucky

On January 6, 1973, in Stanford Kentucky, three women, Mona Stafford, Louise Smith, and Elaine Thomas were driving home from a birthday party along highway 78. As they were driving, they recall a disc-shaped craft descend from the sky and then started following the car. The saucer then went in front of the car and a powerful blue light was shot into the car.

The next thing they knew, they were driving towards liberty, an hour had passed and none of the three remember anything. All three women were given hypnosis session in which they all told the same story, and they each passed a lie detector test no problem. In addition, others reported seeing a UFO around the same time the women were abducted.

Man Escapes Abduction in Texas

In 2010, a man from Texas claims to have escaped from aliens that had abducted him. He says that the year prior he had seen the ship and tried to shoot a laser at it to see if it would respond but then flew off. He then said a year later the ship came back and tried to abduct him and claims to have gotten the images of the lights that were in the sky that night.

Apparently, there was also a large UFO was seen near the Dyess Air Force Base in Texas which other spectators said they had seen multiple times within the previous days. They claim to have seen multiple “pulsating orbs” near Georgetown Texas. The UFO’s supposedly lined up in two rows and then vanished.

Buff Ledge Abductions

In 1968, two teenagers working at the summer camp Buff Ledge in Vermont were hanging around the docks when they say they saw a UFO along with the aliens inside. They were then hit by a beam of light and cease to remember anything else. They believe they were taken aboard the ship and had samples taken from each of their bodies.

They stated that the aliens didn’t have ears or lips, just slits for their noses and had webbed fingers. One of the teenagers remembers the aliens trying to help earth achieve world peace like their planet had supposedly done. Further investigation proved that other campers saw similar lights on that same night.

The Mystery of Jason Kent

In July 1987, Jason Andrews had an incredibly unusual fourth birthday. During a lightning storm, Jason began muttering complex mathematical equations as the sky light up continuously with light. Jason continued to ramble out number staring blankly into the sky.

As the house began buzzing and the windows shaking, Jason turned to his parents and said, “They are waiting for me, I must go now”. His father held him back until the storm suddenly stopped. Years later, Jason admitted to being frequently visited by other beings at night possibly meaning a connection between Jason and aliens.

Colonel H.G. Shaw

While it has been said that alien sightings have been mentioned throughout various text dating back even to biblical time, the Colonel H.G. Shaw incident was one of the earliest as far as “modern” time goes. The incident was even written about in the Stockton Evening Mail newspaper way back in 1896. Shaw was traveling with a friend by horse and carriage in the Lodi, California area when something incredibly strange happened.

Allegedly the two men and their horses were suddenly frightened when three beings suddenly appeared. Colonel Shaw described the beings as being similar to humans, however they were still very, very different.

The Warbling Creatures

Colonel Shaw claimed that while these strange creatures were somewhat humanoid in nature, there were also some definite differences to actual humans. The unsettling details say that the creatures were seven feet tall and bald with the exception of a soft down that covered their bodies. They also didn’t speak normally but made strange noises that was described as “warbling”.

The supposed aliens even held lamps that glowed “unnaturally”. Remember, this took place pre-electricity. Later, the creatures attempted to lift the Colonel but were unable to. They continued to float away and entered a large oval shaped spaceship and disappeared into the night sky.

Dr. Hopkin’s Strange Encounter

The “Men in black” are a long-discussed piece of lore within groups interested in aliens. The story goes that the men in black are actually government officials that are sent to investigate various alien encounters on earth. Others have said that men in black are actually aliens themselves. In the late 1970s a man named Dr. Herbert Hopkins was consulting on a supposed UFO case that took place in Maine.

While conducting his investigation, he received a strange phone call from someone claiming to be a UFO organization representative. Dr. Hopkins agreed to meet with the man, who arrived almost instantaneously. However, the encounter soon took a terrifying turn.

The Man With No Lips

After the instantaneous arrival, things only started to get weirder. Dr. Hopkins went on to describe the man saying that he was bald, with no eyebrows, and no lips. The man allegedly was also wearing red lipstick to try to make it appear as though he had lips. Dr. Hopkins noticed this after he realized the makeup had been smudged. The strange man instructed the doctor to stop investigating the Maine UFO case and to destroy all the evidence he had collected thus far.

Towards the end of the first encounter, the man said he was “powering down” and quickly excused himself where he disappeared into a light outside Dr. Hopkins home. The Will Smith version of “The Men in Black” definitely seem less scary.

The Chiles-Whitted UFO Encounter

In July of 1948, two pilots named Clarence Chiles and Charles Whitted, who also happened to be WWII veterans, encountered one of the most amazing sights of their life. The men claimed to see a conical shaped spaceship flying alongside them. The ship was also said to emit a blinding light.

The United States Air Force actually launched their own investigation into the matter and deemed the men to be telling the truth. Even further, the rest of the people who were awake onboard the passenger plane also witnessed the same thing. The craft reportedly flew close to the plane for some time.

The Air Force Says Its Aliens?

At the time of the sighting, the Pilots Chiles and Whitted requested assistance from air traffic control, and asked if there were any other craft that should be in the sky. The men were assured that as far as air traffic control knew, there should be no other crafts near them. There was also a witness who viewed the whole thing from the viewpoint of the ground. At first the military attempted to say that it was a weather balloon (Roswell anyone?) but later they said that perhaps it was a meteor.

The pilots said there was no way the craft they saw was a meteor. The final result from the Air Force said that it was indeed an alien spaceship, however superiors were not keen with releasing such an idea to the public. Instead, the entire encounter remains unidentified.

Hilary Porter

The story of the British woman, Hilary Porter, is one of an abductee’s nightmare. Hilary believes that she has been abducted since she was a mere five years old. In her memory from the age, she was playing a field when a reptilian alien came up to her. The creature had scaly skin and black holes where it facial features should have been. The creature then took Hilary aboard a space craft where she was poked and prodded upon which she blacked out.

These instances continued to happen throughout her life and another incident occurred while driving with her husband years later. When she awoke she had a triangular red mark on her stomach. Hilary often suffers with various physical ailments as a result of her abductions. She said the beings have come to earth in order to collect genetic material. Chilling!

The Green Fireball Sightings

In the late 1940s through the mid-1950s there were a series of sightings of strange green fireballs in the sky above the state of New Mexico. These incidents are particularly interesting because there were many well-reputed people present to witness the phenomena. At first, the government thought it was simply some kind of meteor shower.

The referred to an expert named Dr. Lincoln LaPaz. Dr. LaPaz quickly realized that the timing of the objects didn’t seem to fit with the pattern of a meteor. The Air Force attempted to investigate into the matter, but were unable to find a concrete reasoning.

Amy Rylance Abduction


Australian woman Amy Rylance was only twenty-two years old living in Gundiah, Australia with her husband Keith when her world changed forever. It was October 2001, when Amy’s friend Petra awoke to see her friend Amy being carried outside in a beam of light to a huge ship outside. Petra tried to wake up Amy’s husband Keith in order to retrieve his wife, but it was too late and Amy had disappeared into the night.

Other disturbing evidence includes the curtains being torn as well as the bushed outside the room being burned. They attempted to call the police who, understandably, thought they were making things up.

Time Traveling Abduction

Amy’s friend and husband were absolutely terrified with what they had just witnessed, and the thought of what might’ve happened to their loved one. Yet, only an hour and a half later, Keith got a call from a woman in Mackay, Queensland which is eight hours away from where they were located. The woman said she was with Amy in the hospital. Amy was confused and suffering from dehydration, she also had red marks on her upper thighs and heels.

She said that she remembered tall figures looking over her and taking samples from her. Although she was only gone for a short time, no one could explain how she ended up so far away or why her body hair had seemed to grow quite long in the short interim.

Khoury Abductions


In another from the terrifying abduction files, is the Khoury abductions. Peter Khoury is another abductee who has said he has been taken multiple times throughout his life. His first encounter was said to have taken place in 1988. Peter was asleep when he felt something grab him by the ankles. As if that wasn’t scary enough, Peter also experienced the limb falling asleep sensation and soon fell paralyzed. He remembers seeing three golden creatures surrounding him.

After they inserted a needle into his head, he blacked out. He also realized that the beings were able to talk to one another through telepathy. He had another encounter with aliens where he claims that he had a sexual encounter with a female alien that had long white hair. He said one of the hairs was left behind that was tested for DNA, which he claims was biologically different then human.

The Gorman Dogfight

Another alien encounter that took place in the late 1940s, was the “Gorman Dogfight” which took place over Fargo, North Dakota. WWII veteran and former fighter pilot, George Gorman, was in the air when he came face to face with phenomena he had never seen before. He described seeing blinking orbs of light which were moving rapidly in various directions unlike any other craft that were in the skies.

After he landed, they ran a Geiger test over his plane which found the levels of radiation were slightly increased. The Air Force’s official story was that the orbs were “weather balloons”, which seems like a common excuse for the time.

Jesse Long

One common facet of abductee stories seems to be that they have been experience various encounters for the majority of their lives. Jesse long is no exception. His first encounter as at the young age of five, while playing with his brother in the woods. He claims to remember a tall figure approaching the two boys and paralyzing them. At that point, they were both taken into a spacecraft and the usual poking and prodding took place.

Jesse says the abductions continued and ultimately his sperm was used to make an alien/human hybrid. Years later he says that he was shown a baby which was said to have been his. He says he also has nine other human/alien hybrid children. Jesse is now in his sixties and still sticks to his story.

UFOs Over The Capital?

In the summer of 1952, there were a number of strange sightings in Washington D.C. Obviously, this took place in the center of our government so there were many people including government officials and military members who witnessed the supposed sightings. The first incident came after an air traffic controller noticed seven unidentified craft on his radar. The craft were moving quite erratically and different than your run of the mill plane.

The nearby Andrew’s Air Force Base, also noticed several similar craft on their radar. Ultimately the craft disappeared on both radars at almost exactly the same time. Around one week later, a very similar incident occurred. This time the military sent out two fighter jets. One of them saw nothing out of the ordinary, the other reported that he saw four strange orbs of light. At this point, even President Truman himself got involved and the legendary Air Force Project Blue Book was launched.

The Valentich Disappearance

Possibly one of the strangest UFO encounters ever to be known is the Valentich Disappearance. In 1978, Frederick Valentich, an Australian pilot, was aboard his Cessna 182 plane. So many times in history people have gone missing aboard tiny aircraft after crashing into the ocean. However, for Valentich, the mystery deepened upon listening to his final contact with the Melbourne Air Traffic Control.

First, he contacted them to ask if any other “traffic” should be nearby. The controller replied there was no known craft and Valentich said that he saw a large aircraft with four bright lights. This story was definitely only about to get stranger.

“It’s Not An Aircraft”

Valentich continued talking to the dispatcher and claimed the strange craft kept getting exceedingly close to him and was even able to completely stop in mid-air. He also claimed that the craft completely disappeared from sight at one point. Valentich’s last words to air traffic control were, “Ah… Melbourne that strange aircraft is hovering on top of me again… (two seconds open microphone) it is hovering and it’s not an aircraft…”

After, he stopped talking there was a strange metal on metal scraping noise for seventeen seconds which has never been identified. Frederick Valentich, nor his Cessna plane, were ever seen again. At the time, many other people came forward claiming that they had also seen UFOs in the same area.