How One Hermit Survived Almost 30 Years In The Woods

Imagine you own a vacation home in rural Maine. You may have heard legends of a mythical creature that lurks in the shadows and breaks into people’s homes. Suddenly, you begin to notice there is food missing from your pantry. Then, some of your clothes are gone. Although there is no proof of a break-in, you can’t help but feel that something is wrong.

This is the sort of terror that the residents of North Pond lived in for 27 years, but that’s also the way the last true hermit managed to survive alone in the woods for so long. Read on to learn about who the hermit really was.

Something Strange Began Happening At North Pond

In the late ’80s, something strange was happening to the community of North Pond, Maine. Residents found batteries missing from flashlights and certain food missing from their refrigerators.

Fox 31 Denver/YouTube
Fox 31 Denver/YouTube

Propane tanks that were believed to be full were suddenly completely empty. Families kept pointing fingers at each other. They were sure none of them would do anything so trivial, which only added to the confusion. People drove themselves crazy trying to find an explanation for these mysterious happenings.