Did This Woman Really Get Divorced Over A Silly Photo?

A photo circulating the internet has people in shock after a husband allegedly divorced his wife after carefully analyzing the picture. At first glance, the photo in question appears to have nothing out of the ordinary to it. However, after taking a closer look, everything is not what it seems. By the looks of things, it appears that the woman on the bed has something, or someone, she is trying to hide.


The story goes on to say that after spotting another man hiding under his wife’s bed, the husband promptly divorced the woman for cheating. Some people could not believe the husband caught the subtle eye in the corner, while others were skeptical about the authenticity of the photo.

Snopes decided to take on the mystery to determine if the photo was real or in fact a hoax. It was quickly discovered that the photo has been shared many times on social media sites using the photo as an “I spy” game, asking users to share the post after they spot what doesn’t belong, with no mention of the story.

Additionally, they found that the photo has been published online several times over the years with a variety of stories, including on two different Chinese sites, Jdduanzi and Liuxing. The photo was accompanied with a darker take on the story. In this version, instead of divorce, the husband actually killed the wife over the photo. The story ends with a chilling, “Can you see why he killed his wife.” An internet search of the story for an official article about the murder or divorce came up dry, leading to the conclusion that the story was probably fake.

Story aside, the picture, in general has had people scratching their heads. For starters, the young woman in the photo appears a little young to be married, and her twin bed resembles that of a dorm room, not the room of a married woman. Of course, she wouldn’t be the first college student to be married if that was the case, but something about the story still seemed off.


A Facebook post, by an assumed family member of the girl in the photo, seems to shed light on the situation declaring it not at all what it has been portrayed to be. A woman claiming to be the girl in the photo’s second cousin says the person pictured is in fact 16-years-old, not married, and the photo was simply a joke that went viral. The girl and her friends had no idea posting the photo online would result in it taking on a life of its own, resulting in so many crazy stories and scenarios.

So was someone under her bed, or was the face added to the photo as a joke? While the full story of this photo is still somewhat a mystery, it is probably safe to say that no marriages or lives were destroyed due to the person under the bed.