People With Entirely Too Much Time On Their Hands

There’s nothing to do today.

On a boring Monday afternoon, you’re already thinking of Friday since it is the best day of the week. When we’re bored, it’s easy to space out and get shockingly creative off in your little world. If you’re sitting there twiddling your thumbs thinking about things like building a castle at your cubicle or making something so satisfying you don’t want to touch it, cut yourself a break and make that masterpiece happen.

Dinosaur Made Out Of Hangers

Dinosaur Made Of Coat Hangers.jpg

Look at how proud he looks! He put more time into making than this actually looking for a job in his field. Most people couldn’t make that dinosaur with hangers. It’s a challenging skill and a raw talent to have. Let’s see if can make one in the shape of a dog.