People With Entirely Too Much Time On Their Hands

There’s nothing to do today.

On a boring Monday afternoon, you’re already thinking of Friday since it is the best day of the week. When we’re bored, it’s easy to space out and get shockingly creative off in your little world. If you’re sitting there twiddling your thumbs thinking about things like building a castle at your cubicle or making something so satisfying you don’t want to touch it, cut yourself a break and make that masterpiece happen.

Dinosaur Made Out Of Hangers

Dinosaur Made Of Coat Hangers.jpg

Look at how proud he looks! He put more time into making than this actually looking for a job in his field. Most people couldn’t make that dinosaur with hangers. It’s a challenging skill and a raw talent to have. Let’s see if can make one in the shape of a dog.

Jenga With Pencils

Jenga With Pencils.jpg

As impressive as it looks, this would make Jenga such a daunting game to play with your friends. Now his classmates know who the culprit was when all the pencils mysteriously disappeared on the same day as the English exam. Hopefully, he doesn’t get suspended for being creative.

Pringle Engineering

Pringle Engineering.jpg

This is what happens when an engineer just graduated from college and has a natural ability with Pringles. It’s awesome art that should not go to waste.

Engineers can be creative as they can be, but someone else did one better with a bag of chips that’s just ahead shortly.

Rainbow Cat

Rainbow Cat.jpg

All that comes to my mind is the Meow Mix jingle that was a popular TV commercial back in the day. Let this inspire you that post-it notes are more than just jotting down notes at work. Offices should consider having a contest for the best design with post-it notes.

Oh Christmas Tree

All Of The Lights.jpg

When working in the laboratory, you can’t really have many Christmas decorations. So, these scientists took it one further with this delightful Christmas tree. Hopefully, those ornaments light up, which would make it look like one awesome spectacle to have in the lab for the holiday season.

Potato Chip Map Of The World

Potato Chip Math Of The World.jpg

Out of all the times you’ve eaten potato chips, did you ever think about doing this? Mexico should have nacho chips instead of the crinkle kind. This would make one great geography project too.

Apparently, chips can be used for anything, but there’s a way to get creative with peanuts in a short bit.

Meet The Flinstones

Fred Flinstone Car.jpg

Yabadabado! Ford or Toyota should consider making Fred Flinstone’s car into something real. They just need to come up with something for the wheels since there is no need to use your feet. Pretty sure if it crashes, the insurance rate could go through the roof.

The Dogtor Is In The House

Dog Doctor In The House.jpg

Dr. Ruff is here to check up on the other dogs. The dog looks like a true professional and his bedside manner is top notch. Instead of paying with money, you just need to leave a big bag of dog bones. Honestly, I would take his advice over a regular doctor anyway.

The Peanut Gallery

The Peanut Gallery.jpg

These people are nuts. This just goes to show the power of googly eyes. They can make anything hilarious. It’s a fun way to kill some time at the office when it’s close to the weekend.

Not only does work get boring, but the hunger comes with it. More on that later.

Coats Of Nail Polish

Coats Of Nail Polish.jpg

How many layers of nail polish can a girl do? This looks like it could be a Guinness World Record or whatever. Have fun trying to remove all 53 coats you decided to add to your fingers. It would be hilarious if they fell off one by one.

A Long Slow Day At Work

Long Slow Day At Work.jpg

You don’t even want to know how hard it is to make a person and a dog out of dollar bills, y’all. The dog almost looks like a mutant-turtle and the person looks like their head is a hat. If only this person had the ability to make a rock band of the paper bills.

White Banana

White Banana.jpg

Sometimes at work, you get hungry and bored a little too early in the morning. This banana does not look appealing after it was coated in white out.

Working at a grocery store has its ups and downs, but staring at a perfect wall will make you appreciate the hard work stockboys put in each and every day.

Construction Takes Too Long

Construction Takes Too Long.jpg

Apparently, a quick game of tic-tac-toe is what construction workers do on their coffee break. It’s really no wonder that construction seems to take forever, no matter what time of year it is. That’s one of the best things about working on the roads, it’s like having all the power in the world to do whatever.

Little Iron Body Builder

Little Iron Body Builder.jpg

This little guy appears to be adding some muscle in time of the iron bodybuilder competition. Whoever made this, they should make more, then sell them for a profit. It would look great in your dad’s garage or in any mechanic’s auto shop. They’re in the wrong trade with the right tools.

Produce OCD

Produce OCD.jpg

It’s so satisfying that you won’t want to buy anything from the wet wall. The produce manager should make a sign for customers to not touch anything, because all it takes is one moved onion for this wall to come crashing down.

In a short bit, someone used the packets of ketchup from McDonald’s and transformed them into a brilliant Star Wars figurine.

Cardboard Cubicle Castle

Cardboard Cubicle Castle.jpg

That’s one way to shun your co-workers, especially the ones who like to blast their phone calls on the speakerphone for some odd reason. This person has great creativity, and hopefully, they have a secret password set-up in case your boss wants to see you.

The Belchers On Spoons

The Belchers On Spoons.jpg

Everyone in the Belcher family is drawn on a spoon, except for little Louise. She’s made from a fork, thus making her the adopted one. It’s all fun and jokes here, but they should have used a spork for her. This sure does make one awesome desk item to have at work.

Bored AT-AT Work Much?

Star Wars Figurine.jpg

Ketchup packets are used more than ever now. These Whataburger employees created an AT-AT figurine from Star Wars. You can even tell on the box that it’s fancy ketchup, so they made a fancy model out of it. If their manager is a big fan, they should give them raises.

Evil Bowser

Evil Bowser.jpg

Well, that’s one way to react when your boss tells you that you have to work overtime on a Friday night. What a buzzkill that would be. Even with Bowser, this looks like one boring desk job altogether. Either way, this is way too cool to take down.

A Work Of Art

A Work Of Art.jpg

That would be creepy to see if you go in first thing in the morning. The second you turn on the lights, you have close to 1,000 faces staring back. Something weird like this belongs in an art museum of some kind. But, adding some color to the faces would make it top notch.