Proof That Nature Is Scarier Than You Think

A rose that grows from concrete, double rainbows, and a moth turning into a butterfly… these are all beautiful aspects of nature. There are also some pretty terrifying creatures and disembodiments as well. Those things you don’t want to look at, but you just can’t take your eyes off of. This list is only for the brave so try your hardest and witness all the time’s nature got scary.

Just How Many Bees?

What you see is an image of honey seeping through the electric outlet on the wall. That means there are bees inside the walls producing honey. Having bees inside your wall is not a treat or a joy. They can easily find a way in a sting you. That’s not fun.


Maybe the idea of free honey excites you, but we promise is you ever find a hive of bees in your wall, you should contact someone to have it removed safely.