Rare Moments And Odd Traditions Of The British Royal Family

Being a member of the British royal family puts your every movement in the spotlight, and it has been this way since kings and queens first began ruling the country all those centuries ago. Even today, we know peculiar facts and stories about royal families from the distant past including the strange things they did and the interesting traditions they followed. Now, take a look at some of the rarest moments in the history of the British royal family along with the unconventional traditions that they have followed both old and new.

The Hunting Curse Of William II

In 1100, King William II died under questionable circumstances while hunting in New Forest. Not long after his death, people believed that he was assassinated so that his younger brother Henry may succeed the throne.

William II
Universal History Archive/Getty Images
Universal History Archive/Getty Images

Yet, it seemed that hunting was a curse in William II’s family. William’s older brother Richard died in a hunting accident as well in New Forest around 1070, and his nephew, also Richard, died in a hunting accident in New Forest in 1099. It appears King William’s family should have steered clear of New Forest entirely.