The Most Dangerous Toys Of All Time That Somehow Made It Onto The Shelves

Let’s be honest, toys basically defined our childhood. From your favorite doll that you never slept without to your Lego blocks, kids were in a completely blissful state when they were around their toys.

But, looking back, some of them were actually pretty dangerous. While many of us got lucky by not getting hurt hurling around our toys, some people just weren’t that fortunate. This article dives into the most dangerous toys of all time and dissects what made them so harmful. It’ll make you scratch your head, and honestly, give you a little sense of nostalgia too.

Fidget Spinners

Oh man, where do I even begin with fidget spinners? They were the toy of 2017 and honestly, I still don’t understand it.

Photo Credit: Getty Images / Thamkc
Photo Credit: Getty Images / Thamkc

But, the plastic spinner posed as a huge choking hazard. If one of the parts broke off, they could harm a small child if they put it in their mouth.