These Everyday Privileges That We Enjoy Are Punishable By Death In North Korea

North Korea is the hermit kingdom for a reason. We are basically shut out from ever knowing what goes on on that side of the world. It’s one of the most secretive regimes the world has ever known and it’s actually impressive how much control they’re able to keep over their people in the age of the internet.

With that being said, there are defectors and spies that gather information about what’s going on over there. They help up paint the picture of what living in a dictatorship really looks and feels like. This article explores some of the everyday activities that you and I take for granted that are punishable by death in NK.

No Pictures

If you’ve ever seen a documentary about North Korea, you know that there are certain areas that you get to take pictures at.

Photo Credit: Sony Ramany/NurPhoto via Getty Images
Photo Credit: Sony Ramany/NurPhoto via Getty Images

You’re not allowed to take out your camera and snap pics of whatever you want. Most of any tour that you get taken on as a foreigner is off limits from photography.