Under The Knife: Fans Obsessed With Looking Like Their Favorite Stars

While some people get plastic surgery to take a few years off their faces and bodies, others out there tend to go a little overboard with the process. When it comes to idolizing celebrities, there are quite a few superfans out there rushing to the hospital with hopes of having Britney Spears’ nose or Kim Kardashian’s cheeks.

It’s More Common Than You Think

In fact, 13% of facial surgeries performed in 2014 were requested based on a celebrity’s features. The number of people trying to look like their idols, either for work purposes or personal reasons, will go up tremendously over the next few years. We take a look at a few people that took their obsession with the rich and famous too far with their surgery. Some look pretty close to their celebrity idols. Others, not so much …

Romario Dos Santos Alves as The Hulk

Aside from actor Lou Ferrigno, no one will ever be able to portray The Incredible Hulk. This didn’t stop Romario Dos Santos Alves from trying. The Brazilian native wanted to model himself after the popular comic book character, so he injected a dangerous mix of synthol, painkillers, and alcohol into his biceps to have them grow to 25 inches.

This proved to be very dangerous to his health; he almost had both of his arms amputated, and he even tried to kill himself. The synthol rocks in his arms were removed via surgery, and Romario has sworn to avoid drugs on his path towards being a successful bodybuilder.

Mikki Jay as Michael Jackson

The late Michael Jackson was known for his various plastic surgery ventures, which almost overshadowed his music career. British impersonator Mikki Jay is one of the biggest MJ fans in the world, and after thousands of dollars spent on rhinoplasty, a chin implant, and cheek implants, she looked just like her idol.

Not only does she look like the late star, she also has the singing voice to back it up. Since 1992, she has been touring as one of the most sought after Michael Jackson impersonators in the world, which led to her performing for the King of Pop himself.

Crystal U as Britney Spears

When it comes to plastic surgery, singer Britney Spears is one of the most requested looks out there. In the hit MTV television series I Want A Famous Face, office worker Crystal U had dreams of looking like her favorite pop star.

She dropped around $25,000 for breast implants, a nose job, fat grafts in her cheeks, and lip injections with hopes that she could either become a stripper or a member of the Anaheim Angels Strike Force. There’s no word if she managed to get her dance moves going in the strip club or the baseball field.

Pixee Fox as Jessica Rabbit

Glamour model Pixee Fox has been obsessed with Jessica Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit? her whole life. In 2009, the North Carolina native decided to get plastic surgery to become like her cartoon idol. Over the years, she has had four breast augmentations, three nosejobs, and six ribs removed.

In total, she has spent well over $120,000. Pixee has made appearances on shows such as The Dr. Oz Show and Inside Edition to talk about her journey, which she documents over on her website. On a 2016 episode of Botched, a room of doctors refused to operate on her due to her long surgery list.

Claire Leeson as Kim Kardashian

After years of being bullied in school and two suicide attempts, Claire Leeson found serenity in the hit TV show Keeping Up With the Kardashians. When friends told her that she looked similar to star Kim Kardashian, The U.K. native dropped more than $30,000 to really look like her, and with the rising costs of surgery, debt collectors were on the hunt.

To cover costs, she started working as an impersonator and had a couple of television appearances. Recently, she has publicly regretted ever getting the surgery done and hates being compared to Kim Kardashian. The added online attacks from random people only fueled her sorrow.

Deborah Davenport as Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet has publicly said no to ever getting plastic surgery in her life, and she’s the leader of the Anti-Cosmetic Surgery League along with actresses Emma Thompson and Rachel Weisz, so there’s some sort of irony to people getting surgery to look just like her.

After being told that she looks like Cameron Diaz on a daily basis, Deborah Davenport, who owns a real estate technology consulting firm, quickly turned her attention to the Titanic actress. For the cost of $15,000, she had filler injected into her cheeks, Botox treatment, and cartilage shaved from her nose.

Lisa Connell as Demi Moore

At the age of 27, Lisa Connell was diagnosed with having an inoperable brain tumor. Two years later, she decided to live out her dream of looking like actress Demi Moore. After hearing the news, the actress took to Twitter to find Lisa and tell her to not do it.

By the time Demi made the statement, the U.K. native had dropped around $30,000 on plastic surgery. She has since tried to raise awareness for brain cancer with Rent A Date For Charity, which she founded back in 2007. After being told that pregnancy would make her brain tumor worse, Lisa gave birth to a healthy girl named Ruby in 2016.

Ashley Horn as Lindsay Lohan

In 2011, Ashley Horn learned that actress Lindsay Lohan was her half sister. Two years later, she spent $25,000 on plastic surgery to look like the star “in her good days.” Her surgery includes rhinoplasty, fat injected into her chin and my upper cheeks, and some refinement underneath her cheeks and jawline.

Unfortunately, her behavior towards Lindsay due to this new change gave her half-sister, who was already going through some legal and acting troubles, an even worse name. While Ashley has apologized for the whole situation, Lindsay has stated that she never wants to meet her half-sister.

Toby Sheldon as Justin Bieber

German singer-songwriter Toby Sheldon moved to Los Angeles with big dreams of becoming a pop star like his idol Justin Bieber. Due to his obsession with the pop star, Toby spent over $100,000 on surgery to look like him.

He found small fame with appearances on the television shows Botched, The Doctors, and My Strange Addiction. Unfortunately, he was found dead at the age of 35 from a dangerous mixture of Valium, sleeping aids, Xanax, and alcohol. Before he tragically died, he had a rough break up with his boyfriend, which some people believe led to his demise.

Tiffany Taylor as Ivanka Trump

As the daughter of billionaire Donald Trump, Ivanka was already a modeling star at the age of 16 with appearances for Versace, Tommy Hilfiger, and Sassoon Jeans and features in the Maxim Hot 100 and AskMen.

For oil and gas consultant Tiffany Taylor, she felt as if looking like Ivanka would give her the confidence to take on the world. For the cost of $60,000, Tiffany received two breast augmentations, two nose jobs, and a mini facelift and eyelift. Even with all of the procedures, the Texan and mom of three won’t stop enhancing herself in the near future.

Donna ‘Marie’ Trego as Lady Gaga

Donna Marie Trego has performed in clubs with acts such as Angie Brown and Boyzone, but after seeing platinum selling pop star Lady Gaga in action, she decided to take her career through a different path.

While she has spent $60,000 on plastic surgery to look like Gaga, the South Wales native spent even more on recreating Gaga’s classic outfits and hiring dancers for her live show. Donna has performed at various events throughout Europe, including GlastonBudget, which is the area’s biggest tribute concert. In 2014, she finally met Lady Gaga, and the artist was in awe of her dedication.

Myla Sinanaj as Kim Kardashian

When you have a bad break up with your ex, it’s very awkward to get plastic surgery to look like their ex. That’s the situation with Myla Sinanaj, who was in a relationship with basketball player Kris Humphries.

Due to her hatred towards his ex-wife Kim Kardashian, Myla hired NYC plastic surgeon Dr. Matthew Schulman to do surgery on her breasts and lips to look more like the reality star. The entire process was recorded for a feature on Inside Edition. To further emulate Kim, she released a sex tape via Vivid shortly after surgery was complete.

Nileen Namita as Nefertiti

Nefertiti is one of the most popular queens of all time, and she has been featured on various television shows and films over the years. Ever since she was a kid, Nileen Namita always thought that she was the Egyptian queen in a past life. After some counseling in her early 20s, she decided that she needs to look like Nefertiti.

Since 1987, the U.K. native has thrown $100,000 towards 51 cosmetic operations, including six mini facelifts, five eye surgeries, and eight nose jobs. Her three children approve of her changing look, which will see more changes with additional surgeries in the future.

Kelly Chandler as Jennifer Aniston

Getting surgery as a way to get revenge isn’t very rare in this day and age. For insurance agent Kelly Chandler, it was a way to make sure that her ex-husband regretted ever leaving her. Since friends and random strangers always told her that she resembles Friends star Jennifer Aniston, the Texan decided to appear on the MTV show I Want a Famous Face to make said resemblance much stronger.

With $25,000 in hand and the help of Dr. Robert Ersek, Kelly went through multiple operations. In the end, her ex-husband had to watch her dance the night away with her new man.

Matt and Mike Schlepp as Brad Pitt

Twin brothers Matt and Michael Schlepp, who are both graduates of North Canyon High School in Phoenix, Arizona, were big fans of actor Brad Pitt, and with the help of MTV’s I Want a Famous Face, they were able to attempt to look like his stunt doubles.

For $20,000, they both got nose jobs and chin implants, but Michael added on cheek and jaw implants. Unfortunately, after the episode aired, a plethora of people thought they looked nothing like the actor. An online poll suggested that both looked more like television personality Steven Cojocaru, who is best known for his work on Access Hollywood and Entertainment Tonight.

Nicholas Ryan as Ryan Gosling

New Jersey native Nicholas Ryan had big dreams of being a huge Hollywood star. One of his favorite stars was Ryan Gosling, and after moving to Los Angeles, he got plastic surgery to look like the Oscar-nominated star.

He received a plethora of Botox and filler injections from Beverly Hills surgeon Dr. Tim Neavin for only $5,000. While he has stated that his new look has attracted new roles and attention from the ladies, the only acting role on his IMDB page was The Boss in the 2014 short film Grasping Mutiny, which was written and directed by Daniel Waltz.

Kitty as Jennifer Lawrence

Hailing from Houston, Texas, Kitty was completely enamored with actress Jennifer Lawrence. After gaining weight from giving birth to her daughter, she decided that it was a perfect time to make herself look more like the Oscar-winning star.

With the help of Dr. Franklin Rose at the First Surgical Hospital, Kitty received liposuction, breast augmentation, and rhinoplasty. The process was filmed for a feature on Nightline. While Kitty completely loved her new look, her husband, Eric, isn’t the biggest Jennifer Lawrence fan in the world, and wasn’t fond of her going through surgery. Though he ultimately respected her decision.

Kayla Morris and Georgina Clarke as Katie Price

With television appearances on I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!, Celebrity Big Brother, and The Friday Night Project, Katie Price is one of the most popular glamour models in the world.

Kayla Morris wanted to desperately look like the model, and her mother Georgina Clarke decided to join in on the fun. Between the two of them, they’ve had breast augmentations, lip injections, and nose jobs. Videos of the two talking about their surgery addiction and how it brought them closer together have gone viral. To make this story even more wild, Kayla strips in order to pay for her mother’s plastic surgery.

Yuh Reum Hong as Miranda Kerr

Hailing from South Korea, Yuh Reum Hong had big dreams of becoming an international supermodel. Her favorite model is Australian native Miranda Kerr, and her entire room is covered with posters of the beauty.

After signing to a modeling agency, Yuh decided to get surgery to look more like Miranda, who isn’t a popular name in the area. Her journey, which included several procedures on her eyes and nose, was the subject of a Japanese television special Alien Virus. To fully get the look, Yuh dyes her hair brown and wears blue contact lenses. Thanks to her surgery, the model is quickly seeing her popularity rise online.

Jordan James Parke as Kim Kardashian

Jordan James Parke was a simple guy working as a makeup artist when he decided to watch an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. He instantly became obsessed with Kim Kardashian, and started to get a plethora of procedures done to look like her, including laser hair removal, eyebrow tattooing, and over 50 lip-filling procedures.

Overall, Jordan has spent more than $150,000 to become the male Kim Kardashian, but he has no intention of slowing down with the surgery any time soon. While he does get awkward stares from people and receives a ton of negative comments online, he uses it as motivation to become a better person.

Sha Ross as Pamela Anderson


Many teenagers are insecure about their appearance, but 19-year old Sha Ross took things to a whole new level when she appeared on the MTV reality show I Want a Famous Face. Sha underwent liposuction, breast implants, and lip implants in an effort to look more like Pamela Anderson.

After the surgeries, she appeared in the college edition of Playboy. Despite claiming to be happy with her new looks, Sha later regretted her decision to look like Pamela Anderson and went back to the plastic surgeon in order to have the procedures reversed. By then, she had two kids and wanted to look more like a mom.

Jennifer and Katie Lopez as Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez wanted to look just like the celebrity whose name she shared. She decided to undergo surgery to look more like the famous singer and actress. Jennifer Lopez (the non-famous one) was only in her teens when she spent thousands of dollars on having her buttocks enhanced and breasts enlarged. She also had liposuction performed in order to look like her idol.

Even more fascinating is that Jennifer’s older sister, Katie, decided to undergo the same procedures. The sisters from Columbia spent more than $16,000 in order to resemble the celebrity. Jennifer said that she loves that she had the procedure as she now receives more attention from men.

Xiaoqing as Jessica Alba


In 2010, a 21-year-old Chinese woman named Xiaoqing decided that she wanted to undergo plastic surgery in order to look more like Jessica Alba. She started her transformation slowly wearing a blonde wig over her naturally dark hair at the request of her boyfriend who gave her the wig and asked her to wear it all the time.

The two later broke up which is when Xiaoqing decided to undergo the operations in order to win back her man. Her ex boyfriend was reportedly obsessed with the actress and hung photos of her on his walls and had stored may pictures of her on his phone.

Nadya Suleman as Angelina Jolie

Nadya Suleman was already a celebrity in her own right before undergoing plastic surgery. Nicknamed “Octomom” after giving birth to octuplets in January 2009, Nadya was told after gaining media attention that she resembled Angelina Jolie.

After the comparison was pointed out, Nadya decided to make the similarities even more pronounced by undergoing rhinoplasty and collagen injections. She claimed that she got plastic surgery to more closely resemble Angelina Jolie, but the pictures of her post-surgery prove otherwise. She claimed, “I have never even thought of Angelina Jolie, except the last time I saw a movie. I think that was like years ago. This is so far away from the place I’m in right now, to think of any celebrity.”

Celso Santenbañes


You hear all the time about people wanting to have Barbie’s curvy looks, but Celso Santenbañes wanted to look like Barbie’s boyfriend, Ken. Santenbañes, a Brazilian model, underwent procedures costing thousands of dollars in order to look like the doll.

While that may seem like a lot of money, Santebañes now commands thousands of dollars per personal appearance. He also has his own doll which looks like him looking like Ken which somehow are being manufactured despite the fact that Ken dolls are readily available. Celso Santenbañes is not the only man to have undergone surgery to look like Ken, although he may be the most successful.

Justin Jedlica


Justin Jedlica, a New York native, spent nearly a quarter of a million dollars in order to look like the Ken doll. He has undergone at least 190 operations in order to achieve his dream. Unlike Carlos Santobañes, Jedlica is not using his looks to enhance a modeling career; he and his husband are business owners in Chicago.

Justin Jedlica’s many procedures including rhinoplasty, chest implants, gluteoplasty, calf implants, lip augmentations, thigh implants, subpectoral implants, cheek augmentations, brow shaving and lifts, triceps implants, bicep implants, and shoulder implants. His obsession with plastic surgery began when he was only seventeen and unhappy with his looks. He underwent his first procedure just four days after turning eighteen.

Genesis P-Orridge and Lady Jaye


These celebrities may be far from from A-listers, but their story is strange enough that it demands to be told. British industrial musician and artist, Genesis P-Orridge, underwent surgery in order to look more like his wife, Jacqueline Breyer, AKA Lady Jaye. Even crazier is that Lady Jaye also underwent surgery in order to look more like Genesis.

In an interview with New York Magazine, Genesis discussed the surgeries: “We could have bought a house or something like that. But we’re artists. Artists do art. It’s not rational.” The pair underwent a variety of procedures including nose and cheek jobs, cheek and chin implants, liposuction, and breast implants.

Jocelyn Wildenstein as a Cat


Strictly speaking, Jocelyn Wildenstein did not try to impersonate a celebrity or famous icon, but she did undergo a bizarre transformation. The Swiss-born socialite fulfilled her dream of looking like a cat. The procedures cost millions of dollars.

Jocelyn began her transformation to looking like a cat in order to keep her marriage to Alec Wildenstein happy. Alec was a big fan of large jungle cats. He had a private reserve in Africa where many of the animals roamed. Jocelyn thought since her husband enjoyed cats so much she would try to resemble one. It did not work; the couple still divorced.

Vanilla Chamu


To add to the growing list of people desiring to look like Barbie and Ken dolls is a Japanese model named Vanilla Chamu who wanted to resemble a French doll. The model spent more than $100,000 to look doll-like. While some people who undergo such dramatic transformations still retain some of their old looks, Vanilla is totally unrecognizable.

Previous to her transformation, Vanilla was a rather average-looking teenager. Now, however, she truly does resemble the French doll of her dreams. It may have cost thousands of dollars, but Vanilla Chamu finally achieved her goal.

Sarah Burge as Barbie


Sarah Burge had a traumatic experience in which she was beaten and left for dead. Fortunately, she survived the horrifying event, but the reconstructive surgery she had following the attack left her with a strange obsession: looking like Barbie. Sarah became virtually addicted to appearance-changing procedures.

The housewife and beautician reportedly spent more than half a million British pounds trying to look like the famous doll. She has undergone over one hundred procedures in order to achieve her dream of looking like a Barbie doll, including having her face lasered to give her skin a more youthful look, breast surgery (including having her nipples moved), and liposuction.

Valeria Lukyanova and Olga Oleynik as Barbie


Valeria Lukyanova has also had a dream of looking like a Barbie doll and has taken her obsession to the greatest of extremes. She has spent thousands of dollars in order to achieve her look. She met her best friend, Olga Oleynik online. Olga has also been obsessed with looking like Barbie, and their transformation has been a bonding experience.

Both Barbie lookalikes hail from the Ukrainian city of Odessa. They use their looks to attract clients to their business where they hold lectures on spirituality. The pair have become an internet sensation, leading to their booming business.

Gavin Paslow as Lucifer


This 39-year-old security guard has picked a rather strange personality to impersonate—the devil. Gavin Paslow spent thousands of dollars in his efforts to look like Satan himself. His body modifications include fangs, a forked tongue, and horns. The horns consist of two implants made from Teflon sprouting from his forehead.

Gavin even changed his name to Diablo Delenfer, which translates to “devil from the inferno.” He has 29 tattoos over his body, and frequently appears wearing green contact lenses and a long tail coat with a frilly shirt. Other procedures include one to make his ears pointed. He claims to not be a satanist, but rather to be addicted to body modification.

He Chengxi and Yu Bing as Fan Bingbing



Surgeries carried out in order to resemble celebrities is not just a Western phenomenon. At least two people have undergone extreme procedures in order to resemble Fan Bingbing, a beloved Chinese celebrity. Bingbing is a singer, producer, actress, and fashion icon who is revered by millions of fans worldwide.

He Chengxi and Yu Bing wanted to look like the celebrity. Both of them have undergone thousands of dollars worth of surgery in order to achieve their goals. They aren’t the only ones who want to look like her, although they may be the ones to have taken their quest to the extreme.

Herbert Chavez as Clark Kent


It’s a bird…It’s a plane….It’s a man who has spent thousands of dollars to look like Superman! Herbert Chavez, a Filipino dressmaker, has spent a decade and a half transforming himself into a Clark Kent look alike. The cleft chin surgery alone cost him thousands of dollars. Mr. Chavez has been obsessed with the superhero since he was five years old and was featured in the Guinness Book of World Records for having the world’s largest collection of Superman memorabilia.

According to Chavez, who has already had 19 surgeries, he has no plans of stopping. “When my body says it can not endure it anymore or when my doctor says that my body can not handle it because of age, then I will stop.” He plans on continuing until his doctor says he is too old to undergo any more procedures.

Guerra as Madonna


Guerra, also known as his alter ego Venus D’Lite, is famous for appearing on the show RuPaul’s Drag Race. The drag queen frequently performs as a Madonna impersonator but was not content with wearing makeup and wigs in order to look like the international superstar and took the transformation one step further.

Guerra has spent $175,000 trying to look like Madonna. He has stated that his passion to look like the pop star now borders on an addiction. His surgeries include cheek implants, a jaw filling, and brow surgery. After 19 surgeries, he can no longer claim to have been “touched for the very first time.”

Annette Edwards as Jessica Rabbit

Annette Edwards is possibly one of the oldest people to have undergone such a bizarre transformation. The great-grandmother from Great Britain spent $16,000 in order to resemble the cartoon character Jessica Rabbit, quite a drastic procedure. Perhaps it was a delayed mid-life crisis.

Even stranger is the fact that Annette Edwards has modified her diet in order to go with her new looks. The British granny has put herself on a “rabbit diet” consisting of cereals and salads in order to lose weight to more closely resemble Jessica Rabbit. She could have just gotten surgery to achieve that, but it seems $16,000 was her limit.

Jesse Garon as Elvis


Another alum of MTV’S I Want a Famous Face, Jesse Garon appeared on the show in order to resemble his idol, Elvis Presley. Garon was an Elvis impersonator who was getting ready to appear on the cover of Playgirl magazine and wanted to make sure he looked the part.

Jesse Garon is yet another example of people taking their obsession with plastic surgery way too far. He got his chin done, Botox, lip fillers, and a face peel. It took him months in order for him to fully heal from his procedures. Ultimately, Jesse said that he was pleased with his results, presumably saying “thank you, thank you very much” in his best Elvis croon.

Sam Barton as Joey Essex


Sam Barton was just your ordinary barman who had a dream. While some bartenders dream of being actors or musicians, Sam wanted to be a completely different person: Joey Essex. Essex, a British celebrity, is perhaps best known for starring on the television series The Only Way Is Essex, a reality show featuring his family and friends.

Sam Barton wanted to be just like Joey, and spent thousands of dollars in order to do so. The fortune he doled out on procedures covered Botox, a nose job, and dental surgery. Whether or not all the money and pain was worth it remains to be seen, but there is definitely a resemblance between the two.

Jack Johnson as David Beckham


Jack Johnson decided to make himself look more like soccer superstar David Beckham. He spent $26,000 in government benefits in order to achieve the look which was done through tanning injections, an eyebrow lift, cheek and chin fillings, and teeth enhancement.

Maybe he thought that looking like David Beckham would get him more success with the ladies or would transform him into one of the world’s best athletes. Whatever his reasons for the transformation, Jack Johnson said “I’m happy looking like David Beckham.”

Carolyn Anderson as Pamela Anderson


While the two may have already shared a last name, it cost thousands of dollars in order to make the resemblance even larger. Carolyn Anderson spent $40,000 trying to look like Pamela Anderson. Over 14 years, Carolyn purchased hair extensions, Botox, fake tans, teeth whitening and straightening, skin peels, breast implants, and beauty spot tattoos, in order to look like the celebrity.

Boasting that she is now “better than the original,” the fake Pamela Anderson has spent another $160,000 purchasing a wardrobe worthy of the Baywatch star. That is a lot of money, but Carolyn Anderson thinks that it is well worth it in order to look like Pamela.

Fran Mariano as Ricky Martin


Argentinan Fran Mariano wanted to live “la vida loca,” and spent thousands of dollars to do so by looking like singer Ricky Martin. He had over six surgeries in order to mimic his idol’s features. So far, he has had at least four nose jobs, liposuction, and many many more operations in order to achieve the Ricky Martin look.

One of the operations on his chin had to be touched up as it scarred badly in a previous procedure. When interviewed by the Argentinian newspaper Diario Show, Fran Mariano admitted that, despite the procedures, he was not happy, saying that none of the operations “fill the void.”

Rodrigo Alves The Human Ken Doll, Before

Rodrigo Alves grew up in Brazil and remembers being fascinated with the princes in Disney movies. But there was a catch—he didn’t look anything like them. On a mission to achieve the stunningly-good look reminiscent of Prince Charming, Alves has now gone under the knife more than 58 times and spent over half a million dollars on plastic surgery. He has had so many surgeries that he has been called the human Ken doll. Long gone are the days of the handsome high schooler pictured above. You won’t believe what he looks like now.

Rodrigo Alves The Human Ken Doll, After



On a mission to achieve the perfect face and body, Rodrigo Alves has had over 10 nose jobs, a butt lift, silicone chest implants, laser liposuction, calf shaping, a facelift, eight pack abdominal implants, and even plastic surgery on his eyeballs. He’s had so many plastic surgeries performed that doctors have told him his body is incapable of handle any more procedures. Although Alves has said is “100% happy with his looks,” his doctors have urged Alvbs to seek therapy for body dysphoric disorder.