Weird Facts About July 4th That Put A Whole New Spin On Independence Day

One of the best parts about summer is undoubtedly the Fourth of July. Citizens all across the United States make the holiday into a weekend-long affair, filled with festivals, cookouts, barbecues, and plenty of fireworks. Rarely do we take the time to look back at the facts behind anything historic, but these surprising details will make you appreciate Independence Day even more! Did you know that July 4th isn’t even supposed to be the day we celebrate?

Only Two People Signed The Declaration On July 4th

Photo by: PHAS/UIG via Getty Images
Photo by: PHAS/UIG via Getty Images

There’s a reason that John Hancock’s signature is the most prominent one on the Declaration of Independence. He and secretary Charles Thomson were the only two people who actually signed the document on July 4th, 1776.

On July 19th, Congress ordered the Declaration to be engrossed on parchment. Delegates of Congress gathered on August 2nd to sign the official engrossed version. The 56 signatures are arranged by the original 13 colonies from north to south.