These People Found Some Incredibly Bizarre Things In Their Backyard That’ll Have You Calling The Realtor Very Quickly

Just when you think you know your backyard, you end up finding $10 million worth of gold coins hidden underneath. Okay, well that’s not the reality for most of us, but it certainly is for people in this article.

There’s a surprising amount of stories that revolve around people digging up their backyard for whatever reason (for a pool, or garden) and end up stumbling across items that will make your jaw drop. What would you do if you found some of the items buried beneath your back yard?

400 Year Old Church Bells

In 2013, a man from the Czech Republic was digging up his backyard to install some pipes when he stumbled across an unusual metal object. It piqued his curiosity and he decided to start digging. It took him days to dig out, but what he found was worth it.

church bells
Twitter / @thetestspecimen
Twitter / @thetestspecimen

There were two large church bells about 400 years old laying in his backyard. It turned out that the bells were stolen 11 years earlier from a nearby church and the thief buried them but didn’t come back.