Celebs, They’re Just Like Us: Black Friday Edition

Kim and Kanye West

Kim Kardashian is definitely the type of woman who LOVES to shop. Several holiday seasons ago, she and husband Kanye West (who just interestingly canceled the rest of his tour), hit the mall in Miami. Kim decked herself out in a peplum black and white dress and of course finished the look with high heels in typical Kardashian form.


Kanye went the rapper route and wore a down to earth outfit in a ripped shirt and jeans. At the time, Kim was opening another Dash store not far away so that was probably why they were in town. Want to rock Kim’s look? Check out this super stylish beautiful white peplum dress for a steal at $32 bucks!

Broadway Fashion!

Broadway Superstar Kristin Chenoweth discussed her Black Friday experiences. She joked that she was “too famous” to shop but she once actually ventured out to Target in Oklahoma with family post-Thanksgiving. She reportedly said about the experience, “And that was an experience I don’t really need to have again. I’ve done it and I’m done.”

Kristin Chenoweth and santa claus 2016.jpg

She continued, “I was on patrol. There was a lady who tried to take something out of my cousin’s cart and I was like, “No, that’s ours!'” Stars, they’re just like us! If you decide to venture out this Black Friday try not to get in to any crazy fights. And if you want to dress like Kristin Chenoweth, check out this amazing sequin top similar to hers for only $17 bucks!

Madalyn Horcher

Actress Madalyn Horcher who is from the drama Gracepoint (a remake of the UK series Broadchurch) was interviewed about what she would buy on Black Friday. In the interview, she said, “I’d just kind of go out and buy sweaters and cute, comfy clothes and sweatpants.” Sounds like comfort is of the necessity for Madalyn, she’s our kind of girl!


Who knows, but we are always up for some comfy sweatpants! And now that we are fully in the fall season and on our way to winter what better time to buy a few new items for your cold weather wardrobe. Check out this super cute and super stylish pair of joggers. They come in 9 different colors and are at absolute deal at $18 dollars.

Leah Pipes

Leah Pipes who stars on the CW show The Originals said she would go shopping for a bomber jacket if she shopped on Black Friday. When asked about her Black Friday desires she said, “I’m looking for one but I don’t have a lot of money and they’re so much money. And so I just need to go and get one for like 75 percent off.”


The CW must not pay their actors too much if she’s having a hard time affording a bomber jacket or perhaps she is just very savvy with her money and saves it! Either way, she should make like us normal folks and go shopping online where she can find great deals on everything even a bomber jacket. Take for instance this classic bomber for only $25 dollars! It also comes in a variety of colors so you can match one to every outfit.

Carly Chaikin

Suborgatory star Carly Chaikin had a very simple answer when asked what she would buy for Black Friday, “Shoes. Always shoes. Every time I go shopping I feel like I always go straight for the shoes.” The Holiday season is the perfect time to break out a super cute sequin covered dress to sport with some killer heels.


Especially because the regular Suborgatory wardrobe is pretty casual, it’s even more fun to dress up in real life for Carly Chaikin. Carly really resembles fellow actress and star of Two Broke Girls, Kat Dennings, don’t you think? Check out these amazing ’90s/’70s style fusion platforms with a glittery chunky heel; it’s perfect to add to a little black dress for New Year’s Eve!

Kerris Dorsey

Kerris Dorsey, who is on the Showtime Drama Ray Donovan along with Live Schreiber, is a major shoe fanatic. She reportedly talked about her love of shoes and how Black Friday is the time to buy. She said, “I feel like that’s the time to just go crazy and just take advantage of it because otherwise I’m not good at shopping. I feel like I would live on the adrenaline and go crazy.”


It sounds like she would be great at making a run for her favorite pair, forcing her way through the crowds of people at any given mall across the country. Want to get some great shoes of your own? Check out this super sexy pair worth fighting for. And they only cost $40. The block heel, over-the-knee boot is the hottest around this season, and you can see tons of your favorite celebs sporting them! Check them out at the link below!

Beau Mirchoff

Star of MTV’s Awkward, Beau Mirchoff, said he would go on a full on a spree if he were to go shopping on Black Friday. He said he’d “just grab everything … closest thing that’s on the shelf.” It sounds like he definitely views it as competition which is a pretty typical male thing to say. He also sports a pretty fashionable look, so maybe he is on to something!

Beau Mirchoff.jpg

For a great Christmas gift, check out this men’s peacoat similar to the one he is wearing above here for less than $50 bucks! And it comes in over fifteen different shades to select from, so it’s perfect for your picky significant other.

Bianca Santos

“You know I still haven’t bought the iPhone 6, so I feel like that would be my first item,” said Bianca A. Santos, star of The Fosters, who obviously wanted to get the latest iPhone. Everyone loves technology and that is often the first item on many people’s lists for the holiday season.


And Bianca is not alone. Instead of buying a totally new phone, why not bring your phone into the holiday season with this awesome phone case? And the best part is that it’s a totally insane steal at only $3; can you believe it?! Holiday deals are the absolute best.

Sasha Pieterse

Sasha Pieterse of Pretty Little Liars’ fame wanted to go for a little bit of a bigger ticket item. She said, “Well I just bought a new house, so this is going to sound really stupid and silly but probably a couch for my bar.” New furniture is always amazing because it can make your old house feel new again.


Why not invest in some new furniture before your family comes over for the holiday season? Everyone will be so impressed with your new humble abode. And best of all no one will know you outfitted your house in the best style for a fraction of the price. Take for instance this super nice sectional sofa for a VERY awesome price of just $185. Amazing!

Karla Souza

How to Get Away With Murder is still one of the hottest TV shows on air right now. Especially with that recent death reveal: ouch! And star Karla Souza has clearly decided to make Hollywood a home. For Black Friday, she is focusing on the furniture angle and she says, “I just moved here, I don’t have a house yet so I’m finding some places where I could get cool furniture.”


Why not outfit your home in the perfect dinner table that can fit your family. Of course, if you have a super huge family you might have to break out the folding chairs, but hey would it be the holidays if you didn’t have to? Check out this awesome mid-century modern dining set.

Katie Findlay

Karla Souza’s How to Get Away With Murder former co-star, Katie Findlay, gave a joking answer about what she would shop for during Black Friday. She said, “I would buy a raft. So that I could get back to my home over atop all the people that were trying to kill me while buying DVRs.” A lot of people more than likely share these same sentiments.


It seems everywhere we are bombarded with tons of headlines about people engaging in full out brawls in the middle of Wal-Mart. Be careful out there people, the new TV might not be worth it! All joking aside, if you’d like to buy some sporting goods this holiday season, like Katie suggested, take a look at this two-person kayak! It’s perfect as a holiday gift for the outdoorsy people in your life.

Ward Horton

Ward Horton, star of the super terrifying horror film Annabelle, did not suggest buying a doll for Black Friday but rather said he was looking for good savings to buy his wife a new car. Now that is definitely aw-worthy! If you aren’t able to purchase a new car this holiday season, at least you can help your loved one keep theirs in tip top shape.


Why not purchase this complete car cleaning kit? It has something for everything from your windows to your tires, and even the interior. Especially a good buy if your loved one treats their car like it’s their child. This is a great Christmas present idea, and this set is only $50!

Andrea Navedo

Andrea Navedo, talked about a real holiday dream buy. The Jane the Virgin star said, “I love the Tesla car. I don’t know that I’m going to buy it, but I would love it.” Wouldn’t we all! While the T3 modeling that is going to be released soon is loads cheaper than its previous incarnations at $35,000, that price might still be a little steep for some of us.


Still can’t afford a Tesla? Instead, why not get your loved one something for the car they already have? Perhaps for the parallel parking paranoid: a vehicle camera to make reversing a breeze. Check out this one, which comes with the following features: it is waterproof, high definition, color, wide viewing, and has infrared night vision. And the best par, is it’s a total steal at $35.

Oprah Loves This Revolutionary Viewing System

Oprah just recently released her iconic Favorite Things List and one of the coolest things found on there in the tech side of this year is Avegant Glyph Video Headset. This new product is both headphones and your own personal movie theater all in one.


The part of the headphones that normally fits on the top of your head is actually a screen that goes in front of your eyes. Frankly, there aren’t any other products like it on the market currently so if you can afford go ahead and splurge on the $550 price tag. Those that already have them, including Oprah, say it’s worth it!

Oprah’s Christmas Kitchen Buys

Another amazing item on Oprah’s Favorite Things List is the 360 Cookware Kitchen Cutter, which is a kitchen helper that can do many things from chopping to making veggie noodles. If you love spending time in the kitchen or have a loved one who does, especially making healthy dishes, like zucchini pasta for example.


The price tag on this particular item is pretty hefty at $200 but there is another item at half the price, for $99. This product, called The Foodcutter, is almost identical to the Oprah-approved version and it purports excellent reviews as well.

Jennifer Lopez and Leah Remini

Way back in 2008 Jennifer Lopez and Leah Remini were spotted shopping on Black Friday. What do you think they were buying? It looks as though they were coming out of some type of specialty boutique but it’s hard to be sure. It’s probably the kind of shop that doesn’t even have any Black Friday sales.


Leah definitely looks a bit stressed out with the cigarette dangling out of her mouth, but this was post-Scientology split so perhaps she feels better now. The scarf J-Lo is wearing would probably set you back several thousand so why not invest in a cheaper version?. This scarfis a super steal at $10 bucks, and it comes it a ton of different colors. Beautiful!


Rihanna is also a celebrity that has been spotted in past years shopping on Black Friday. It would be interesting to take a peek into Rihanna’s bags as she is always up on the most current style. Looking into her bag would probably be like looking into the future of fashion.


With her super sleek hairstyle, black leather gloves, and monochromatic wardrobe in the photo she looks as though she just sauntered off the runway. Score your own black leather look gloves for a lower price. These look like a more expensive brand and they are only $27 dollars. And you can use your smart phone while wearing them, too!

Hailey Baldwin

Current It girl (and Stephen Baldwin’s daughter) Hailey Baldwin is probably best known for her Instagram and for dating Justin Bieber. She was also seen out on Black Friday after shopping at Top Shop. Top Shop is a relatively affordable store, so this is pretty surprising.

this is an image

Her outfit is both parts rocker chic and comfortable with a big oversized cream sweater and leather leggings. This is a perfect fall look. While Hailey’s leggings are probably genuine leather you can get a similar look here, that is also vegan friendly for much cheaper than the cost of real leather. Check out these beautiful faux leather leggings.

Halle Berry

Halle Berry has also been spotted hitting the shops on Black Friday, and from the looks of her bags she visited Crate and Barrel. Interesting choice, Halle! You would think she would be shopping at a much higher end shop, instead of Crate and Barrel like the rest of us. Though we have to admit, Crate and Barrel does have some pretty amazing stuff.

this is an image

This photo of Halle was obviously taken in California judging by her warm weather style. However, those beautiful aviator sunglasses would work no matter what the weather. Find your own aviators here for a great deal. They only cost $30 dollars, and they come in a variety of colors!

Sofia Vergara

Modern Family actress, Sofia Vergara, was also seen out shopping on Black Friday. It looks like she only hit up the grocery store Whole Foods. But if you have ever been out of the house on Black Friday, you know that any store, even the grocery store, is usually a madhouse. While most people dress down to go to the grocery store Sofia served full on glam in a denim ensemble, full makeup and diamond earrings.

Sofia Vergara

You can never go wrong with a denim blouse, the look is crisp and clean. While Sofia’s version is probably designer you could settle for a cheaper version and no one could even tell the difference. Get the look here for only $19; it even comes in two shades so you can match your denim seamlessly.