The GREATEST HRC-Inspired “Nasty Woman” Tweets

During the third and final debate for President of the United States, Republican candidate Donald John Trump interrupted Democratic candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton multiple times. The most notable, however, was when he stopped her from discussing policy to declare that she was “such a nasty woman.”

Of course, this brought on outrage from the people of Twitter. Some of their reactions were pretty hilarious! They ranged from the clever and laugh-inducing to the completely bizarre. All in all, though, they did a great job capturing the passionate support that the majority of Americans feel for HRC.

Nameplate Necklace


It seems like nearly everyone and their mother had one of those gold nameplate necklaces. People get coordinates, important dates, of even their children’s names engraved on these pieces of jewelry, but we really think that the words “nasty woman” are a perfect way to show your love for HRC!

Larry Wilmore


Donald Trump received lots of criticism for his remarks on women, though newscaster and TV host Billy Bush was the one who was fired over them! That makes no sense, but neither does this election. But, what DOES make sense is for Larry Wilmore to invoke this scorned star in his response to Trump’s debate outrage!

Catherynne Valente


Catherynne Valente is a writer, not a musician, but that can’t stop her from naming her band “Nasty Woman!” We’re pretty sure that Hillary would be all about a girl band focused on female empowerment and awesome music. Who knows; maybe she would try to become a member herself!

Queen Bey


Beyonce is, after all, the Queen. So, we’re LOVING this response to Trump’s comments. It’s definitely true that well-behaved women rarely make history, so this frozen GIF of Beyonce smashing in a car window is perfect for the occasion! However, we’re not too sure that Hillary would be on board with vandalism!

Terry Dresbach


Terry Dresbach really is bringing the irony to light here. Donald Trump calling Hillary Clinton a “nasty woman” really wasn’t the smartest choice considering his need to win the favor of women voters in this election. Perhaps Trump should learn to watch his mouth; that would certainly help him keep his place in the White House!

Stefon From SNL


Stefon from SNL is funny on AND off screen! This hilarious tweet highlights some of the most ridiculous moments from this election cycle, right down to Trump’s “nasty woman” comment. We’re sure his producers are proud of him and his quick thinking!

Another SNL star is up next!

Aidy Bryant


Aidy Bryant kept it short and sweet with this Tweet (much like she is in person)! But, it definitely gets the point across. She is a “nasty woman” and PROUD of it! These SNL actors and actresses really have a way with words. No wonder their show is so popular!

Teen Vogue

008--13-teen-vogue-f1fe28439adc7edabb5386a2da5eaab6 (1).jpg

Even Teen Vogue got in on the “nasty woman” action! They encouraged their readers to retweet their message to show your support for the (potentially) first woman President to be! This is definitely a great way to get the younger set involved and to keep the HRC pride alive and strong!

Nancy Jo Sales


Nancy Jo Sales definitely got it right with this Tweet. Women all around the country were NOT thrilled with Trump’s comments, and we’re quite sure that people were making a face just like this one when he so publicly insulted Hillary Clinton and made a fool of himself.

Akilah Hughes


Akilah Hughes is certainly tuned into pop culture! This makes sense, though; she’s a famous YouTuber after all! We love her tweet about wanting a “Madam President, if ya nasty” t-shirt. We would love to have one of these shirts ourselves!

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Laila Lalami


Laila Lalami definitely hit the nail on the head with this one. Women truly DID reclaim the words “nasty woman.” A quick search on Amazon can help you find thousands of shirts with the phrase printed on them. Don’t get your hopes up, though; they’re all sold out!

Sloane Crosley


Here is yet another one of those short and sweet Tweets. Who knows, though; we very well could all be calling Hillary Rodham Clinton “Madam President” in just a few days time. That would certainly make Sloane Crosley, and millions of other women, incredibly proud! Those nasty women… they’re making history.

Profile Pics


This Twitter user has definitely figured out how to reclaim the word “nasty.” She’s right, though. If being smart, competent, and independent means you’re nasty, then that’s something we all want to be!

This is a great Tweet, but there are even more brilliant ones coming up ahead. Keep reading!

Huffington Post


Donald Trump would likely call this tweet unfair, though we’re not too sure he has much of a basis for that. After all, it’s literally just his own words! Huffington Post has been notoriously harsh on him during this election cycle. Whether or not that’s deserved is up to you!

W. Kamau Bell


W. Kamau Bell is staying true to his roots as a comedian with this Tweet! We’re not sure if he really expected Trump to bring out the “nasty woman” line or not, but he certainly makes a convincing argument. Given his hilarious stand-up skills, it’s no wonder that this tapped out message is so funny!



This Tweet, probably written by a clever intern over at feminist magazine Bustle, definitely brings a lighter tone to this intense election. The “balloons for Bill” message is a reference to the former President’s childlike glee this summer when he was showered with balloons at the Democratic National Convention.



Trump’s “nasty woman” remark was conveniently (or not, depending on how you look at it) timed to be just before Halloween. Needless to say, it served as inspiration for plenty of Halloween costumes! We love this list. We may just have to borrow a few of the ideas for next year!

All Fired Up!


HRC supporters really did turn lemons into lemonade with this whole “nasty woman” debacle. They turned the businessman’s harsh words into a rallying cry for intelligent and independent women everywhere. Whether or not you’re an HRC fan, you have to admit that this movement has been nothing short of inspirational.

Amber Ruffin


Amber Ruffin came up with a super clever play on words here. She took Donald Trump’s own campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again” and changed it to say “Make America Nasty Again.” We’re almost 100% positive that Trump would NOT approve of this change, but this entire election has been full of surprises, so you never know!

Matching T-Shirts


This Twitter user was hoping for a t-shirt set, and fortunately, his or her wishes have been granted! Plenty of these shirts are available on the internet now.

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