These Are The Best TV Shows That Lasted At Least Ten Years

TV shows have a way of stopping time. For thirty minutes to an hour, our attention shifts to a screen, and we get a dose of entertainment. Families come together and friends have something new to talk about, all thanks to television series. The great ones do this with ease and tend to last for many years. Do you know which lasted ten or more seasons? Here are the best TV series to last at least a decade.

Imagine Life Without Friends

Friends barely makes the cut, as it lasted for just ten years. This was the series that showed all its viewers what life could be like living in New York City with their closest comrades.

rachel in the hospital -1132327
Warner Bros. Television/Getty Images
Warner Bros. Television/Getty Images

It provided fans with countless memories, such as “The Rachel” (that haircut Jennifer Aniston had), and “Pivot! Pivot!” If you didn’t catch that last reference, it might be time for you to go on a binge-fest. Friends is easily one of the best shows to watch re-runs of, and we mean that.