Meet The Muse: The Women Who Inspired Billy Joel’s Songs

Billy Joel has become one of the most prolific artists in music history. His albums have become best-sellers and his concerts are attended by millions from all over the world. Not only does Joel have a compelling career, but he’s also had some unique romantic relationships.

Discover the women who inspired his songs, facts about his life, and which one of his hit songs he can’t stand!

The Influence Behind “The Piano Man”

There are many songs in Billy Joel’s collection, but the one he’s arguably the most famous for is “The Piano Man.”

Billy Joel and wife Elizabeth Weber circa 1981 in New York City
Robin Platzer/Getty Images
Robin Platzer/Getty Images

Released in 1973, Joel wrote about being in his early 20s and still not finding success as a musician. He had just married his first wife, Elizabeth Weber Small, who was the “waitress practicing politics.”