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February is officially upon us. It’s the shortest month of the year, so it’s essential to make the most of those 28 days! Here’s how we’re helping you spend your time more productively this week: by giving you a shortcut to all the greatest Trendchaser articles that you missed over the past few days. Think of us as your personal entertainment time saver. Here goes…


First: in these challenging (to put it nicely) political times, you need to know where you can get the most up-to-date and accurate information available. Here’s a list of government agency Twitter accounts that have gone rogue and are reporting the facts just as they see ’em, with no interference from the Prez or his henchmen: rogue government agency Twitter accounts you should follow.


You know who’s been around a loooong time? Madonna. The living legend has earned her title “The Queen of Pop” in her 35+ year career of highs, lows, shocks, and hits. Brush up on the history of this iconic singer in a quick read tracing her life from the early days slinging donuts at a bakery to the powerful world figure she is today.


In NYC, the city that never sleeps, people are so busy that they measure distance in travel hours instead of miles! That fact and other ways to know you’re from New York are right here.


What does every time-strapped individual need in his or her life? Gadgets, of course! Some gadgets are total time wasters, but others are designed to make every aspect of your life as productive as possible. Here’s a rundown of some of the most drool-worthy gadgets and gizmos unveiled at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada. A robot that can fold laundry and pour my drinks? Sign me up!


This trick will save you time and sanity. There’s a new browser extension out called “Firewall Trump.” This silly and fun app, which works on any website, will automatically replace Trump’s name with a poo emoji, saving you precious reading time. There are other extensions available to do similar things to Trump’s name — learn more here.


If you want a dream home but don’t have much time to build it, you’re about to meet your new hero. Steve Areen, a climber and world traveler, received a 500 square foot plot of land from a friend. You won’t believe the stunning home that he planned, built, and furnished in just six short weeks! And wait until you find out how little the project costit’s nuts.


Those of you with a little more time and patience than the rest of us have, prepare to become engrossed in two mysteries about love lost. In one, a woman had to wait a whopping 23 years to solve the disappearance of her husband, who had vanished without a trace in 1993.

And this man found a touching time capsule 38 years after his wife passed away. Read all about the unexpected events that led to the capsule’s discovery andreturn to its rightful owner here.


Trendchaser offered a trip back in time this week, with a touching collection of photos documenting immigrants from around the world as they arrived at Ellis Island over 100 years ago. These photographs and stories are particularly important to study now as we face a dangerous new executive order restricting immigration from a handful of countries.


Finally, if all this talk of time management, productivity, and a scary new government has you feeling stressed out, remember that it’s perfectly OK to take a moment for yourself and retreat from the hustle and bustle. Meditation is one way to step back from the stress of daily life. This woman tried meditation during a time of turmoil… find out whether it worked for her and if it’s something that might benefit your life!