Trendchaser’s Weekly Roundup 3/31/17

Spring has sprung, time to shake the winter dust off and get back to sunshine and healthy habits.


But first, happy April Fool’s Day! Here’s a great tale of some of the best hoaxes in history, plus an exclusive Q & A with the mysterious Zardulu. What does she have planned next?


Back to healthy habits for spring. Read the inspiring stories of these military wives who took matters into their own hands. These women transformed from their former selves while their husbands were deployed, and boy did they come back to a surprise.

cst 12081 Lillian Kuller press conference

If you’re drawn to unsolved mysteries, read how DNA evidence cracked a murder case that was left cold for 30 years.


If you have kids, you can relate to this article featuring 20 photos that sum up what it’s like to be a parent. It’s incredible that anyone gets anything done with these ordeals!


With Easter around the corner, we’ve put together the creepiest Easter rabbits to ever hop into a mall. Maybe this will make you think twice about standing in line to get that photo with the oversized Easter bunny. You might get to the front of the line, only to realize he looks like one of these creeps!


In dog news, you can’t miss this story about a little boy and the morning routine he shares with his beloved pooch. They even wear pajamas together. *eeeeek*


Finally, these extreme body modification stories will blow your mind (if not your appetite). Would you ever consider any of these cringe-inducing mods? If so, you’re braver than us.

Happy spring everyone! And hope you don’t get pranked too bad on April Fool’s Day!