These Tiny Houses Will Blow Your Mind

These tiny houses prove that good things don’t always have to be grand. These affordable and small scale homes are perfect for your own growing family.

The Colorado A-Frame


The Colorado A- Frame is perfect for a small family or just for two lovers with no boundaries. The house is set up in the A-Frame style, meaning the roof is in the shape of a triangle. This frame allows the house to look larger than it is, even though it is mini.

You Can Stay Here


This house is located in the misty redwood forest of Northern California and looks like an oasis from city life. The house is only 45 minutes from downtown San Francisco and is easily accessible. The best perk is you can stay in this little hut for only $135 dollars per night. It’s a deal!

The Ohio Box


This little box on wheels is perfect for the couple who wants a white picket fence without the actual picket fence. This box house is filled with green accents and is decorated in an old Americana style. It’s perfect for the old timer in all of us.

It’s Fully Accessible


This box shaped home, located in Ohio maybe seem simple, but walking inside, you’ll see the home is fully functioning. The house comes complete with a kitchen, a bathroom, and a full master bedroom. The house maximizes its small square footage, and is designed with window nooks for relaxation.

Caso De Penedo


Caso de Penedo is located in Portugal and is one of the most iconic on our list. This house is an architectural marvel and is also known as, “the stone house.” Caso de Penedo is built from four stone boulders which serve as the foundation for the house.

People Actually Stayed There

The Stone House

This house wasn’t designed just for novelty purposes, the engineer of Caso De Penedo lived in the rock home. Today the rocks and Caso de Penedo serve as a museum with relics and photographs from the architect’s life. The museum is one of the most popular locations in Portugal.

The Portland Pink House


This house is perfect for the homeowner who wants a bold and inviting outward appearance. This dreamy tiny house is located in downtown Portland, Oregon, and is within walking distance of plenty of food and entertainment that Portland has to offer. And that’s a great perk, considering this home is only 200 square feet and is designed with a limited kitchen. (Think of a dorm room.)

You Can Have A Party


Even though this house is one of the smallest on our list, you can definitely maximize the amount of space in this micro home. This tiny house sleeps four people comfortably, and in this lush location, you’ll want to spend most of your time outside anyway. You can stay in this house listed on Airbnb for only $120 per night.

The Maryland Bungalow


This house is perfect for those who love clean, modern design. The Maryland Bungalow makes excellent use of space, with high ceilings that lead your eyes upward. This home is the perfect balance of cozy comfort and functionality.

The Modernistic Heaven


The best part about this house is even though it is small, it is incredibly modernistic. The interior is influenced by the mod era of 1960’s and features art deco chairs and furniture. This house is perfect for an artist or a poet!

The Thailand Dome


The Thailand Dome is built on a mango farm in Northern Thailand and is completely original. The house was created in six weeks by photographer Steve Areen. The Thailand Dome was made by using the pivoting arm technique and is made entirely of locally sourced concrete bricks.

It’s Exquisite


The Thailand Dome is impressive, not only for its quick completion but also because it only cost $8,000 to build. The house was built brick-by-brick by three people, including the artist and two assistants. Steve Areen is now helping other people across Thailand build their own dome houses.

The Atlanta Treehouse


When people think of Atlanta, they don’t typically think of the bayou. This tree house located in the swamps outside of the city has an incredible ambiance and attitude. The house is just a short drive away from Atlanta, meaning you can get the best of both worlds.

It’s Got Rope Bridges


The Atlanta Treehouse is like an adventure home. The miniature house is accessible from mainland by a rope drawn bridge and also has three rooms filled with antiques. If you want to wake up with birds chirping and animals outside of your window, this home is only $350 per night on Airbnb.

Awesome Views


Windows are a sure fire way to make a house look bigger than it actually is. This time home utilizes floor to ceiling windows in the kitchen to bring natural lighting and gives the appearance that the house is larger than its square footage. Another beautiful aspect of tiny homes it that most are mobile, so you can transport this home and change views every few years.

Snowboarder’s Paradise


Snowboarder Mike Basich turned a dream into a reality with his DYI tiny home in the mountains of California. Basich built his 225 square foot home on his property, which spans 40 acres. This is simple living at its purest: big land, tiny home. With the help of his friends, it took Basich eight months to built the home, and with its stone and wood design, suited to the land, it’s a nothing short of a piece of heaven.

Floating Dream Home


This house in Singapore is a dreamlike creation. The Floating House was designed by Singapore based architect Dymitr Malcew whose concept was to reconnect people with their surroundings. The large windows and roof deck, that doubles the usable square footage, invites guests to relax and take in the scenery. And you won’t have to worry about unwanted guests swinging by, since they’ll need a boat or canoe to get there!

It’s Sustainable


The house itself is solar paneled and is self sustainable for energy use. Guests can take in the natural light and gorgeous sunsets every day in this dreamy abode. The Floating House offers an entrance room, two plush bedrooms, a small kitchen, and a a roof terrace. The house is an environmental wonder.

This AMAZING California Dome


This house is anything, but boring. The cabin is on 10 acres of land and is designed as a dome. The house comes complete with a bird viewing room so that you can see native birds to the area. The best part about the house is the initial design of the home, which is specifically made to refract light for excellent views of the surrounding area.

One with the Redwoods


This dome house is tucked away in the trees, alongside a redwood grove in Aptos, California. Although it looks small, this tiny home is cleverly designed to fit a double bed, a futon for additional guests, a 22″ LCD screen and a small kitchen. If you want to explore the nearby towns in Central California, this Airbnb dome is only 10 minutes from the beach in Monterey Bay, close to Nisene Marks State Park and 20 minutes to Santa Cruz. This home is a gem.

Oregon Log Cabin


A log cabin is one of the most romantic getaways you can dream up. Get closer to your loved one (literally) in this cozy, quaint cabin. Although it’s small, it has everything you need, so you can kick back, relax, and enjoy your time together.

It Has A Little Garden


This house is so quaint, it even has a rooftop garden. Although the house is much smaller than your average cabin, it features four rooms including a bedroom, a bathroom, and a kitchen. The best part of this home is that it’s actually mounted on wheels so you can take the adventure cross country.

Tetsu Tree House


This house is a fantasy brought to reality and looks like it’s taken out of an anime television series. The Tetsu tree house is located in Hokuto City, Japan and was designed by the amazing architect Terunobu Fujimori. The house is both beautiful on the inside and a dream on the outside.

It’s Actually Pretty Simple


Even though the house is located in a tree, the inside of the property is actually quite simple. The house is supported by a cypress trunk tree and is only one room, like a loft. The house doesn’t come with a kitchen, or a bathroom, but is perfect for a night away in paradise.

Medieval Meets Modern


This house is perfect for anyone who wants to play a damsel in distress. The tower is located in Umbria, Italy and goes by the name Tuoro sul Trasimeno. The tower features amazing views of Lake Trasimeno and is only $79 per night.

The Interior is Charming


This tower is a restored stable and is two stories tall. The staircase winds around the entire tower and is perfect for playing Rapunzel. The tower also comes with a private garden where you can enjoy teas or white wine from a nearby Italian vineyard.

The Bachelor House


Men don’t need a lot of space when it comes to their home and this bachelor pad is perfect for any gentlemen reading our list. This tiny house is two stories tall and comes complete with a loft style bedroom, a living room, and enough space for an Xbox.

It’s A Guy’s Domain


This house located in a town outside of Boston, Mass. is one of the best houses for a bachelor. The house is only 300 square feet in size, but has all of the necessities that a man needs. Tiny homes are the way to go when you want little maintenence, and zero debt.

This Modern Style House


This unique house can be found on the western coast of Scotland’s Isle of Skye. Affectionately named “The Hen House” this tiny home was designed by the architects over at Rural Design Architects and is impressive. The design subtly narrows towards the north end of the house, reducing surface are and creating an aerodynamic form that can better stand the weather.

It’s One Of The Biggest


This house is one of the biggest houses on our list and sits at around 777 square feet in size. The house is a low impact house, meaning the house is longer, rather than higher. The designers won several awards for “The Hen House” including the 2010 Saltire Housing Design Award.

An Adorable Cottage


Canadians have got some of the best architecture around and this house proves it. The cottage is located on Mayne Island, in the province of British Columbia and is built with natural materials. The house is only three rooms and the master bedroom is in the style of a loft.

An Environmental Gem


This cottage is available for rent at only $115 per night and is environmentally conscious. The house is made of materials which don’t use crude oil and are completely reusable. Sheep also are raised on the property for people who want to hang out with some animals during their stay.

The Parisian Doll House


Paris is known for high fashion, but also boasts some of the best architecture in the world. This tiny home fits in between two apartment buildings, like in the Pixar movie Up. Its design appears both out of place, and perfect at the same time, in its downtown Paris location.

The Inside Is So Dainty


The inside of the house is filled with white and blue accents, which add to its clean and breezy feel. Although you may not believe it, this home includes both a kitchen and abth. You can also walk to the Eiffel tower and the Musee Dorsay from this house’s location!

The Shotgun Home


This house has an awful name, but it’s just downright beautiful! The house is called a “shotgun” home because it stands at under 12 feet long, and half the width. The home is located in downtown New Orleans, which is perfect for a Mardi Gras trip.

A Party House


This New Orleans home definitely lives up to the New Orlean’s nickname, “The Big Easy.” The house is teeny tiny, but also comes with a full size Jacuzzi tub. The house is designed with stainless steel amenities in the kitchen for all of the gumbo you’ll be making.

The Sky Tower


This Sky Tower is built into the side of an oceanside cliff in California and utilizes natural materials like rock and wood.The design also incorporates windows and an A-frame style. The tower is mounted out of a rock and gives amazing views of the landscape. The rooms inside are relatively small and the entire house is under 500 square feet.

Sleep Under The Stars


The best part about this house is that the bedroom is located in the windowed sky loft section of the home. The ceiling above the bedroom is only made of glass and clear metal so the view is unaltered. Imagine sleeping under the stars cuddling with your love. So romantic!

The Silo Studio


This silo is not your typical farm house. The silo is located on the world famous Santarella Estate in Tyringham, Massachusetts. This romantic suite designed for two sits on historical property and is a destination of choice for honeymooners.

The Silo Is Decked Out


This dreamy getaway dates all the way back to 1739, when settlers first arrived on the grounds. Once what was a barn, was turned into a sculpting studio by Sir Henry Hudson Kitson. After he passed away, in 1947, the structure has been preserved, and is available for guests.