Trendchaser’s Weekly Roundup 7/7/17

It’s hard to believe that we are already a week into July! Bring it on, summer fun. If the warmer weather and sunny skies have kept you occupied outdoors, then here is a roundup of all the things you might have missed on Trendchaser recently.


TOWIE fans, rejoice! Anyone who can’t get enough of the reality series “The Only Way is Essex” will love this gallery of all the show’s hottest stars.


Egghead alert… these celebrities weren’t content just to be international superstars. Nope, they all attended Ivy League colleges in their “spare” time. Some of these smarties will seriously surprise you!


Test your own smarts with a quiz about iconic Hollywood leading men. How many of these actors can you identify?


If you’re into things that are a little creepier, you might enjoy this article about the most surprising things ever revealed during celebrity autopsies. People always want to know the truth about how their favorite stars died, and post-mortem exams don’t lie!


A woman named Kala Brown survived a horrific ordeal, one that’s difficult to believe. She was kept captive in a shipping container, and lived to see her tormentor punished for his cruel acts. Here’s the full, horrifying story.


Most people are aware that JFK indulged in the occasional extra-marital affair, but may not know just how many women he was reportedly tied to. Hint: it was a lot.


And finally for some serious “awwwwwwws“. Here is a gallery of the cutest mommy-daughter moments we’ve ever seen between the lovely Kate Middleton and little Princess Charlotte.

Have a great weekend!