Trendchaser’s Weekly Roundup 03/17/17


Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Whether you’re enjoying a cold glass of green beer or relishing a savory plate of corned beef and cabbage, you can catch up on everything you missed on Trendchaser this week.


Would you ever consider plastic surgery? Many of us would… attitudes toward a little nip n’ tuck or liposuction have become a lot more forgiving. This man is really pushing the envelope, though: he’s spending $200,000 to become a genderless “alien”. To each his own.


If you’ve ever interviewed for a job, you know how nerve-wracking the process can be. This woman went through quite an ordeal during a recent interview. Can you believe she was dismissed by the company for THIS?


Baby shower season is nearly upon us, folks. If you’re the one expecting, you might want to check out two recent articles about baby registries.

This piece reveals some scary baby product recalls from recent years. Double check your registry and make sure none of these dangerous items are on it!

And in this article, we outline a bunch of products that new moms overwhelmingly say are unnecessary. Leave them off your list and save that money for more important things!


This adorable kid is a big fan of lions. Check out what happened when he went to the zoo DRESSED as a lion and got to meet his animal idol in person! This is super cute.


It’s easy to assume that most celebrities are die-hard Democrats, especially in these turbulent political times. But there are quite a few famous people who lean pretty far right. Some of them might seem obvious, but others could surprise you.


What’s your favorite ride at Disneyland? If you’re like a lot of people, you answered “The Haunted Mansion.” But did you know that there’s evidence that the attraction might be haunted in real life? So spooky!


If you have a hard time sleeping at night, you’ll definitely want to check out this quick read about the negative effects that mobile devices could be causing you.


Get ready! National Puppy Day comes next week (March 23, to be exact). How will you celebrate? You can start by looking at this hilarious collection of total puppy fails.


And finally, fans of the iconic mockumentary This is Spinal Tap will enjoy this collection of trivia about the film and the people who made it. You won’t believe the real-life inspirations for some of the movie’s most ridiculous scenes. This one goes to 11, guys.

Have a great weekend!